Craft House Darjeeling Tea Collection (Set Of 3)

  • Relieves stress
  • Induces calm and peace of mind
  • 100% organic devoid of chemicals

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Craft House Darjeeling Tea Collection (Set Of 3)


Craft House Darjeeling Tea Collection is a collection of 100% organic tea leaves. The package contains Spring First Flush, Autumnal Flush and Summer Second Flush. These tea leaves have a great aroma and flavor.


Darjeeling tea leaves.


Craft House Darjeeling Tea Collection is a collection of 100% organic tea leaves that have several health benefits. Since these are 100% organic, they are free from chemicals and pesticides and so can be consumed safely. They also provide the body with several nutrients that are good for the health of the immune system. These teas also relieve stress and alleviate mood thereby promoting emotional wellness.

How to Use

Darjeeling teas taste best when consumed in the purest form without the addition on milk and sugar. Brew the tea in hot water and consume as it is.

About Brand

The brand Craft House was basically established to showcase the premium arts and crafts and products of India to the world. The brand belongs to a group that runs and owns the Metropolitan Hotel and Spa, New Delhi. Craft House online products are developed and marketed keeping in mind the mystical India. The brand deals in authetic, genuine and high quality online products in India. Craft House is a trustworthy brand and also promotes and encourages the use of natural and eco-friendly materials. The various products of Craft House have an international appeal but maintain Indian heritage and mystique. Craft House does not make use of any chemicals and pesticides in its products and strives for environmental protection. The packaging does not use plastic and uses biodegradable and reusable materail. The logo of the brand is the modern artistic elephant which is a symbol of Indian culture, tradition and heritage. The logo represents royalty, power, wisdom, majesty, longevity etc. Craft House products range from hand picked teas from Assam and Darjeeling, home spa products, hand women Pashmina shawls, silk merchandise and many other products.

Joyfully Free of

Harmful Chemicals & Pesticides

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