What is this campaign all about?

This is a unique offer by Joybynature. If you make a purchase worth Rs 999 and above, we will plant a tree for you. A tree certificate with a unique tree tracking ID will be sent to the donor’s email ID.

 How do I know where the plant is planted?

Using the given ID you can track the location through GPS. You can track the farmland where the trees are planted, name of the farmer growing the tree with pictures.

What kind of codes they will be?

These codes will be sent to you through mails, for instance your code is pghaf2013106752, you can enter this tree code in the link http://www.projectgreenhands.org/track/.

How will I monitor the growth of my plant?

After getting the details of the farmer in that page, if you click on the progress report button, you will find the updates of your baby plant.

How long it will take to issue certificates and code?

After receiving details about customers (name & email ID) from us, the GreenHands project team will send the certificates in a day or two. The tracking code will be mentioned in it.

Will certificates be in hardcopy form?

No these are e-certificates.

How soon customers will be able to track the location?

The customers can track the location of trees on 1st January 2017. The trees that are being sponsored for will be planted during the monsoon season (Sep – Dec, 2016) in farmlands.

 When can we receive photographs of the farmers planting tree for us?

When you enter the tree code on GreenHands website, you will be able to see the picture of the farmer in his farmland. 

Can we have the name of the plant, planted in our name?

The entire list of tree species planted by the farmer will be made available on this link. For your reference, please enter this sample tree code - pghaf2014108482 on http://www.projectgreenhands.org/track/

It is a HOPE that you are Planting

Few of the farmers who are planting such trees:

Farmer Name: Arul 

Location: Pudukottai District, Tamil Nadu 

Arul has planted 1,250 trees of 7 different varieties including timber and flowering trees such as Teak, Mahogany,Khaya Jack fruit, Rosewood, Sandal wood etc. He got saplings from PGH nursery in 2014 and Green Hands Project team has been following up with this farmland to provide suggestions to the farmer.

Farmer Name
: M Sonu
Location:  Uthangkadu, Madurai District.

M Sonu has planted 2,060 different varieties of timber, fruit and flowering trees in his 4.5 Acre farmland. Some of the species include Malaivembu, Kumizh, Red Sandal, Eeti, Kaya Mahogany, White Teak etc.  This picture shows the growth of the saplings in 1 year.

This growing tree could have your name. Plant now in the remote village, we will water it daily. We plant a tree in your name; you watch it growing through GPS.

 Let’s Make Earth a Happy place for future Generation. 

 Please find below an example of certification which you would be receiving on your Email ID.