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Changing season always introduces problems to those with weak immunity. This problem can be solved in more than one natural way. Nature has many herbs to offer that will boost your immunity.

A good immune system can be maintained with healthy diet, proper sleep and regular exercise. People with low immunity are likely to catch flu, common cold and other diseases when the weather has even a slight mood swing. Given below are some of the best herbs that help your immunity amplify.

Wheatgrass: It is grown for a longer duration to a stage where it has the highest nutritional value. It is obtained from the normal wheat plant only. It's nutritional content is way more than the normal ordinary wheat. It is a rich source of a pretty rich figure of vitamins and minerals. The figure involves more than 80 minerals and over 20 amino acids along with vitamin E, K, C and H. It is a great immunity booster and is proven to fight many diseases effective.

Ashwagandha: This is the most renowned herb in Ayurveda for immunity boosting purpose. It is the best nutrition source for muscles, nerves, bones and reproductive system. It has versatile properties like anti- inflammatory, anti- cancer and anti- anxiety properties. It is one of the best anti- oxidant. It's immune modulating properties make it a very popular herb.

Tulsi: The demand for Tulsi increases to multiple folds in the flu season. Its anti- flu properties make it a very important herb. Not only small flu, it has proved to be the best weapon to fight against swine flu as well. Your body's defence mechanism can be improved by the intake of this magical herb. It can fight against almost every type of viral flu or disease.

Astragalus: This herb is over a thousand years old. It is considered as the best immunity booster and holds a major place in Chinese medicines. It does almost everything. It restores damaged immunity, strengthens heart and liver, restores resistance power, helps in the regeneration of tissues, improves the process of digestion, serves as a stimulant to lungs and what not. It is also effective in the treatment of Ulceration and other external infections. Astragalus is the wonder medicine for the cancer patients who almost lose their immune power. It is also found effective in fighting the cardiovascular diseases.

There are many more herbs that are helpful in enhancing the immunity. A lot of organic products are also available that are very good supplements and are best herbal infusions for immunity boosting.

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