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A sound heart ensures a proper limit of the pressure exerted by the blood flow and also the pumping of blood into the arteries. Even a small damage or presence of a toxic compound can reverse the situation completely. What starts to be a small complication can turn out to be life threatening in the future if it is left unattended.

People are always on the lookout for a healthy heart when they wish to live for a long period of time. The problem starts to appear only when they do not take the necessary steps in order to keep their heart functioning properly. It is advisable to visit your physician when required. They generally have various mechanisms, including ARA/MRA etc, to manage blood pressure. You can find more about aldosterone receptor antagonists (ARAs) / mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist (MRAs) from your doctor.

Not taking the necessary steps to manage one's blood pressure can lead to some conditions like increased pressure and other chronic heart diseases.

Relation of heart diseases to blood pressure

Several of the prevailing heart conditions can be related to the increase in the pressure due to the increased blood flow which is pumped from the heart. Increase in the blood flow rate can lead to several heart diseases like heart attacks which are caused due to the thrombosis formation in the blood.

Another relation of the heart diseases to the pressure levels is caused by the stress levels. As the stress level increases, hormones are produced in excess which is directed to the blood stream. As they reach, the flow rate increases and the effects are seen in the heart.

The presence of blood toxins can also affect the functions of the heart. Blood purification is a must on a regular basis since the toxins are mostly carried back to the heart by the veins which can affect the functions.

With the introduction of many herbal medications for the chronic heart diseases and for pressure levels, preventing the two conditions from happening has become a lot easier. The medications can be consumed after consulting the doctor in order to know the right medication for the right condition. Studies show that, the natural extracts in the herbal medicines helps to prevent the damage without affecting any part of the human body.

  • Pine bark extract:

The extract from the pine bark has pycnogenol in it which is useful in lowering the blood flow rate and thereby prevents heart attack.

  • Arjuna leaves:

A famous form of medication in Ayurveda, the Arjuna leaves prevents the blood from reacting to the free radicals that are present in the system and thereby prevents the damage to the heart.

  • Cinnamon extract:

Used as both a food additive and a flavouring agent, cinnamon has the right combination of fibre and calcium which helps to prevent the heart diseases.

  • Garlic extract:

A very good source of nutrition to the digestive tract, garlic prevents the accumulation of toxins in the blood and thereby prevents the thrombolytic effect in the blood which can lead to the heart failure.

Natural medications are generally the best way to treat both the blood pressure and the heart diseases. Click here to check out the products at Joybynature to maintain a safe and functioning heart.


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