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The addition of a pet to your family completely changes the dynamics of your family. They bring in renewed energy and life into your little home. When you bring a pet to your house along with it comes a large set of responsibilities. A pet needs to be taken care of just like any other member of your family. The pet is as dependent on you for its needs as a child is with his/her parents. So it is your moral prerogative to give them a feeling of safety and security. Thus here comes the role of using the right tools and safety equipment for  your pets life at home.

The Right Equipment:

  • Bedding: The first step to giving your new member a sense of family and belonging is to set him some bed-space and a bedding in it. The things that you should keep in mind are that they should preferably be natural materials, and non skid so that your pet doesn't slide all over the place. Change the covers often as health and hygiene are part of dog health too.

  • Collars And Harnesses: These are essential if you have pets such as dogs and cats. A collar which is made of a non itching material is preferred. Depending on the size of your pet you can choose a collar. Always have an ID attached to the collar, you never know when it may come in handy. While buying a collar see to it that there is a 3 finger space or gap so that it doesn't strangle the animal. For growing pets check their collars every two weeks as the size keeps changing as they grow. Harnesses can be used for dogs that tend to lunge or jump a lot so that they don't hurt themselves.

  • Feeding Bowls: The best type of feeding bowls would be easy to clean, made of non-toxic material and also non-hazardous in case the pet gnaws or chews on it. So depending on which of these issues is a priority for your pet you can choose plastic bowls, ceramic bowls or steel bowls. Steel is the most preferred as it is the easiest to handle.

  • Toys: Yes, Your pets need toys too!! Your pets need playtime too. In this scenario playing with your dog using toys goes a long way in creating a bond between you and the pet. Non-hazardous, non plastic chewable toys are the best in case of cats and dogs.
  • Health And Hygiene: See to it that the pet lives in a pest free(lice, tick, fleas) environment. For this you should regularly cleanse your pets possession while also keeping your pet hygienic.

Having a pet can change your life in so many ways, so it your responsibility to kep them safe. To view some of our safety products.


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