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 Firstly clean your hands thoroughly and then gently rub your baby’s gums. Provide your child a teething ring, dummy, or a toothbrush to bite down on. Let your baby suck on some firm sugar-free foods like Rusk.

Brushing is important

Brushing your baby’s teeth is a tough job to be accomplished. Gently open your baby’s month with your cleanly washed hands and Place your baby in a comfortable position and one where you can see the teeth easily and then gently hold your child’s chin in one hand and rest the head against you. And use gentle, circular motions to clean the teeth. Besides, Make sure you lift the lips and reach all the way to the gum line and don’t forget the back of the teeth. In addition to all the above, preserving your baby’s toothbrush in a safe place is a must and should. Because it may cause some problems if you store tooth brush in unhygienic places. Use a brush that is soft bristled with a small angulated head and a large handle which is more suitable to child. And also don’t over brush it will result in reduction of enamel in your baby’s teeth.


Be aware of cavities

If a cavity arises don’t be hesitant in going to a doctor to take suggestion. Because it is your small baby, don’t take own decisions. Consulting a doctor is a better option. Don't give your baby any sort of sweetened liquids such as flavoured drinks or soda. Even the sugars present in fruit juice and milk can cause decay, so regular teeth and gum cleaning is vital and necessary.


According to many doctors sugar is the main enemy to our child as when the sugary or starchy foods are remained at the mouth, the bacteria that cause cavities and dental decay thrive best. More over avoid troublesome food and extremely cool foods as they may have a serious effect on our baby’s teeth.


Develop this habit among your children

Initially as your child grows up it is not possible for us to still brush their teeth’s.  Develop proper brushing habits to your child. For that you can demonstrate how to brush for your child. For this you just have to brush in front of your child and gradually your child also leans it. Brushing twice a day is a good sanitation. Make it a daily habit to your child too from childhood onwards.



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