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Nothing is more crucial than the immune system of your baby in the early stages of its life. Those soft hands, sensitive skin, and cute little feet need a little more than what you are doing to build a stronger immune system. A newborn does not have fully matured immune system but during pregnancy, fighting agents from the mother’s immune travel via the placenta into the baby. These anti-bodies help the newborn babies to fight against diseases and infections. But we mustn’t rely merely on it. Read on to know what more can you do to build a better and stronger immune for your newborn.


We cannot stress enough over the fact that you must breastfeed your baby for stronger immune system. Mother’s milk is said to be very nutritious for the infants that help the baby and its body fight off diseases and infections. Mothers must necessarily breastfeed their baby for almost a year. Mother’s milk constitutes top-notch immunity enhancing antibodies and blood cells that helps the to fight against common infections in the early stages of development in the infant’s life. Breast milk is proven to protect your baby against insulin-dependent diabetes.

Munch on probiotics

Probiotics for babies have been proven to be very helpful in boosting the child’s immunity during its early life stages. Babies who suffered from the problem of gastroenteritis were observed to show faster recovery if they were given probiotics. A large variety of probiotics is available that is extremely helpful in boosting the immune system of your child. Many cereals are available that are specially produced for small babies in order to fulfill all the nutritional values that might be deficient in their bodies. Cereal is the latest preferred supplementary baby food that parents chose for their babies to support a healthier lifestyle.


A major necessity that needs to be fulfilled for a healthier lifestyle of your newborn is the need for minimal cleanliness. The baby products need to be clinically tested and one must take care extra care when they are dealing with the infants. Always wash your hands before taking a newborn in your hands. Infections can be easily transmitted from your hands and affect your baby who has a much weaker immune system than yours. So make sure, all the products that are to be used on your baby must be clean and kept in a cool, hygienic place always. Baby diapers must not cause rashes and affect your baby’s skin in a harmful manner.

Do not unnecessarily make runs to the clinics and ask the doctor to prescribe antibiotics every time you feel your baby is not feeling okay. Let your baby majorly breastfeed and let it intake organic diets as long as it is possible. Build your child’s immunity without putting extra efforts on varied synthetic products. Click here, to browse through various products that we’ve in store for you at JBN.


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