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Pure Organic Amla Hair oil, derived from the bark of the Indian Gooseberry is an exceptional medicinal plant, especially well-suited for the health of the hair and scalp. Traditionally, Amla Hair Oil was prepared invariably in all homes, by soaking the dried fruit of Amla in Coconut or Sesame oil and then filtering the oil. Today, the cosmetic and herbal care industry has recognized the value of Pure Organic Amla Hair oil and made it accessible to a large community.

 The benefits of Pure Organic Amla Hair Oil are recognized by both men and women, since the unmatched hair and scalp benefits of the Ayurvedic miracle are no longer unknown. Amla Hair Oil is preferred due to the presence of essential fatty acids present in its chemical composition. It is these fatty acids that add strength to the hair, rebuilding any damage occurring in the hair follicle.


Amla Hair Oil also has the ability to attract Iron and Copper as essential nutrients for hair health and growth. According to scientific evidence, the Pure Organic Amla Hair Oil contains large quantities of Vitamin C, which is the dominant component of Indian Gooseberry. Further, similar to other fruits, it contains a large proportion of Flavonoids and Polyphenols. Protein, Minerals, Carbohydrates and Antioxidants also add to the miracle nature of the Indian gooseberry.

How to Make the Most of Pure Organic Amla Hair Oil

In order to get maximum benefit from pure Organic Amla Hair Oil, it is important to massage it into the hair, making sure it penetrates deep into the hair follicles all the way to the roots and nourishes every hair strand and restores natural balance of chemicals and nutrients in the scalp:

  • It is important to take a small amount of Amla Hair Oil at a time and massage it into a portion of the scalp. Start by parting the hair from the center and massage into the center of the head first. Thereafter, continue to massage and soak the entire scalp in oil, part by part, making sure the oil penetrates into the scalp.
  • As you start massaging the pure Organic Amla Hair Oil into every hair strand and the whole scalp, you will experience the cooling and de-stressing effect of the miraculous Indian gooseberry extract. Continue to massage your scalp until all or most of the oil has penetrated into the scalp.
  • Next, you could follow up with a warm towel, soaked in hot water. Wrap your head in the towel and allow the pure organic Amla Hair Oil to penetrate even further into the scalp. After an hour or two, you will feel a marked reduction in itching, dryness, hangover or any uncomfortable feeling in the head that might have been present, prior to the massage. A rinse with warm water, along with continued massage through the head bath will get back the shine and bounce to your hair.



How Organic Amla Hair Oil Benefits Hair Miraculously

Organic Amla Hair Oil is known to be one of the most effective forms of natural treatments for all types of hair conditions including hair loss, greying of hair prematurely, dandruff and scaling of the scalp and a number of microbial and fungal infections of the hair and scalp. Due to its ability to restore the health of the hair and scalp, Amla Hair Oil promotes hair growth. The action of Amla Hair Oil is well known in terms of restoring balance and well-being of the scalp. Amla Hair Oil stimulates the circulatory system and routes oxygen rich blood towards the hair follicles. Due to its action on the pores present on the scalp, Amla Hair Oil restores balance of oils and ensures that the scalp is neither oily nor dry. When the oil balance and chemical equilibrium is restored, hair fall automatically stops. Further, when the scaling and dandruff like conditions present in the scalp are resolved due to the action of Amla Hair Oil, your hair become more lustrous and well-conditioned than before.

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