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As the summers are approaching, so I am pretty sure that everyone would just rush to the Beauty Parlor to look gorgeous. They would not leave any stone unturned just to look fair, fresh & relaxed. But in this rush what people forget about the things that would not only be good for them but convenient as well. Why do you think that Beauty Parlor is the only sole place that can give solutions to your skin related queries? Like - getting a Face Mask, for you after spending some thousand of rupees. What if I tell you that not only you could save all this extra money plus also prepare Face Mask as per your choice?

Some of the easy ways of the preparation of these Face Pack Products using the ingredients which are readily available in all of us homes. Not only it becomes convenient but their nutrients components will bring ravishing glow to your face. These are:

Mint Face Pack:

This Face Pack is one of my favorite one. Who does not like to feel cool during the summer time? Just imagine when the sun is shining in its full glory & you are the one who is enjoying your time doing whatever you want to do without any discomfort. But others are either struggling or cribbing about the hot day. Mint Face Pack not only brings the coolness but also transforms the skin into soft, suppler & crystal clear. It is also said to remove all blemishes, pimples, blackheads, dark circles etc. So use this Face Pack & you will at once realize the feeling of being constantly being showered by sprinkler of cold water.



Papaya face Mask:

The Papaya Face Pack is one Face Pack that has many additional benefits apart from the normal Face Treatments. The reason why I am saying it is because firstly it is also known as the “Fruit of the Angels”. Many of you might not be aware of the fact that it naturally exfoliates the skin? It also removes the dead skin thus maintaining the youthfulness on your face. Vitamins like- A, C & E do create the magical sort of wonders to your face when applied.

Vitamin A helps in-

  • Collagen level which in return reduces the ageing process.
  • Decreases sebum production & thus treats acne nicely.
  • Improves the flow of blood & diminishes the possibility of Rosacea.
  • Reduces brown spots or pigmentation.

Vitamin C helps in-

  • Our body has to have a regular in flow of Vitamin C to produce Collagen – a substance that helps in the formation of Tendons, ligaments & blood vessels.
  • It proves beneficial to build our immune system better.

These benefits have a great relevance in our life. So if someone lectures you about what a foolish thing you are doing by applying Face Mask then highlight his or her thoughts by imparting knowledge about the benefits of it. So indulge in the collection of this for you sole benefit.

Vitamin E helps in-

  • This vitamin can be extracted very easily from substances like- vegetable oils, meat, eggs, milk, leafy vegetables etc.
  • The entire dermatologist’s, throughout the world highly recommend, to use Vitamin E for your skin.
  • The best benefit of this is that if in case anyone is having any scar, then this element has the power to erase that scar without going through the expensive procedure of surgery.

Sandalwood Face Mask:

Since, ancient time this element has always been considered not only pure but Best Beauty Product to get a Beautiful skin. This can be mixed with many other substances to get awesome results. Pus the convenience level as all the things is easily available. Like –

  • The combination of Sandalwood & Rose paste which is considered to be the topmost mixture of Best Beauty Paste. Apply the paste for 30 minutes & then spray some water on it & Voila you will feel a very soft, smooth, and clear skin.

  • Take 4 spoons of Sandalwood paste & coconut oil mix it up with 2 spoons of Almond paste. Leave the paste on your face for 15 minutes & then wash it with lukewarm water. The best result of this pack would be that it will protect you Tanning.

A small paste of Sandalwood with the medicinal element of Turmeric will create magic for you face. This Pack will remove Blackheads, Pimples, and Scars etc. The Sandalwood Face Pack is considered to be the most beneficial & common amongst the women of all age group.



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