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Can you imagine your day without your feet? What will happen if you cannot walk, cannot work or cannot do anything because your feet stopped working? It is difficult to even imagine, right? Then why do you neglect your feet when it comes to taking care of it. Not only that, when you are so well dressed and your feet malnourished and dirty. Nah! Not happening. So include taking care of your foot daily in your beauty regime. Add it to your routine. Take care of your foot as you take care of the other parts of the body. A well-nourished foot completes you.  And you do not need to run to a spa to keep your feet clean. All you need to do is clean a little, scrub a little and moisturize. That’s all. And did you know keeping your feet clean relieves stress and also prevents the risk of infection in diabetic patients?  Let us now have a look at how can you take care of your foot daily.

  • Cleansing

The way you clean your body with soap and hair with shampoo, likewise, clean your feet with a liquid soap or shampoo. If you have some little time to spare, or you are tired and want to relax for a while, then you can soak your feet in some warm water in a tub with some salt and liquid soap. It helps in draining out all your tiredness and I ain’t lying! There are various organic foot soaks and salts that would help you keep your feet clean.

  • Scrub it

Those flaky dead skins are not going anywhere until and unless you scrub them off. It is very essential that those skins are removed for smooth heels. How do you remove it? Take some scrub or even shampoo would do, apply it to your foot and rub it with a pumice stone wherever there is rough and dry skin. And feel the difference after a few days.

  • Caress a little

Once in a week massage your feet with essential organic massage oil. Massaging daily would be a great idea, but I understand the restricts of time and work. Take some massaging oil and massage your feet in circular motions. By doing so, you are not moisturizing them but also soothing your mind and body too.

  • Moisturize

And when you go to bed, take some thick moisturizer or some good organic foot moisturizing cream and apply thoroughly on your feet and then if you can bear wear a pair of socks and go to sleep. In the morning, wake up to beautifully soft and smooth feet feeling refreshed. This makes you and your feet ready for toiling the whole day.

So there you are complete with your daily foot care. Hectic, was it? Expensive, was it? No. Then what were you waiting for? It is better late than never. You can start your foot care from today and to end never. And trust me, beautiful feet give as much pleasure as a cupcake. Click here for that extra care for your feet.


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