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Looking at your college day photos do you feel a sigh leaving you? Wondering if your husband/boyfriend doesn’t find you attractive anymore? Worried if you are as beautiful as you used to be? Well, the answer to all those silly questions in your head – it is all in your head. No matter how you feel, you are as beautiful as you were before and people who love you will love you no matter what. However, understanding your skin and your body is all about self-acceptance. You are who you are, but that extra-care you give your skin, can go a long way in loving yourself. If you are not able to love yourself as much as you used to, it’s time to take a step back and analyze what is going wrong.  Finding the old you in the mirror defying Age can boost your energy all the way back up.

Steps to find the 18-year-old you:

  1. Workout smart and protect your skin: What you eat has everything to do with your skin and your body. Even if you are a home-maker or a working mom, I’m sure you are pretty much tired all the time. This has to do with the multi-tasking, women are blessed with. Well, a blessing can be a curse sometimes. Find some time for yourself. Go out for a walk, a jog or even cycle- anything that can get you pumping. This will make you sweat and rid you off the unwanted toxins. But, make sure you are protected from the UV radiations when you are out there. Use the right Sunscreen with an SPF of minimum 50. Use a sunscreen every time you are out and you will start noticing the changes in the way you look pretty soon.

  1. Food Habits: Along with regular exercise make that commitment to eat healthy. It can be just an apple a day for beginners but that apple can help you curb your cravings and prevent you from having foods that are made in 2 minutes. When you start eating healthy it shows in your skin. You feel light and so does your skin. If you don’t feel your skin looking younger in a week of eating healthy, well give it some time. Your body has taken years to show the effect of pollution and junk foods on your skin. It will take time to recover. You can help your skin by using Serums that are filled with natural ingredients. This will do wonders.

  1. Calm down: Stress is what makes you age faster. Slow down a bit, miss a few trains, walk a few extra miles and above all treat yourself. You deserve it. Take some time off away from your family and do something you always wanted. It can be scuba-diving, a trip with your girl-friends, or just a relaxing day at the spa. If you are happy, it will show on your skin. Take that extra care when you are out under the Sun and learn to protect your skin until it becomes a habit.

So that is about it. The secret to looking 10 years younger, is feeling that you are 20 years younger at heart and giving yourself that extra care.

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