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Wedding day is indeed so special! Amidst the entirehumdrum going on in the family, the would-be-bride stays all anxious to look beautiful and glowing. Here are some useful beauty tips for the bride to be that would make her look the best and cherish her beautiful day forever. We would take a week-wise trip starting nearly a month back from the wedding day.

4th Week

  • There is a month to go and the most important task at this time is to eat healthy, drink lots of water and sleep really well.
  • Take a look at your hair and skin. If any major overhauling is to be done to them, this is the right time. Get treatment for dark circles, dry skin or hair, chapped heels,
  • Get your color and bleaching cosmetics in the correct Have an intensive trial at this time to check the color compatibility with your skin tone. This will also test for the allergy factor if any. Don’t compromise on the quality over the quantity of cosmetic.
  • Start growing your nails and massage them well to good health and strength. Get regular manicure and pedicures done.
  • Use your day and night creams so that they can work for a month to show good result near the wedding time.

3rd Week

  • Get regular facials and body massages done to maintain skin’s glow.
  • Get anappointment with the hairdresser and plan for a hairstyling practice session. Experiment with the hairstyle keeping in mind your planned look and the wedding day dress. Ask salon for a full dress rehearsal.
  • Drop all the junk food from your diet and drink maximum water and fresh juices of seasonal fruits/vegetables.
  • Don’t step in thestark sun without sunscreen.
  • Cross check your wedding day’s salon appointments to avoid any last minute hiccups.

2nd Week

  • Indulge in mild indoor exercising and rest enough.
  • Restrict late night dinners and socializing.
  • Go for ahair trim, coloring, highlighting, Don’t experiment at this moment as you have already decided your look.
  • Give hot-oil massage therapy to dry hair.
  • Exfoliate your skin mildly. Better go for home remedies.
  • Don’t get aprolonged or harsh facial at this point or it may redden your skin.

1st week

  • This truly begins the countdown. Get maximum rest with an eye on your planned beauty schedule.
  • Cover up the lethargy of celebrations by resting whenever possible.
  • Pack your dressing bag that you would carry to thesalon.
  • Get brows shaped to perfection.
  • Exfoliate body with a loofah and go for body polishing.
  • Stay calm and composed. There would be butterflies in your stomach but tame them with a short meditation session.

The Wedding Day

Relax to the core and enjoy this special day. Let others handle trivial to major issues.Have an excellent breakfast comprising of fruits, cereals, and milk to take ahead rest of the days.

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