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Getting ready for an important event, but worried about how good would you look with that extra flab on your body? Looking for ways to reduce weight for that perfect-looking figure? Gym memberships squeezing your pockets already?

Try yoga for weight loss. It is not just a great way to lose weight but also has other significant health benefits when done (at least initially) under the guidance of a trained yoga expert. No need to waste your hard-earned money on costly gym memberships, harmful weight loss pills (that do more harm than good!) or senseless diet plans anymore. Practice your asanas from the comfort of your homes!

Yoga is a kind of aerobic workout that, when done over a period of time at a moderate pace, could be an effective method of reducing weight naturally as it works directly on your accumulated body fat. Plus, yoga can be an excellent stress buster as it is found to lower the production of stress hormones and increase the insulin sensitivity. A direct result – it signals the body to metabolize food to energize the body and less of it gets stored as stubborn fat.

This method of weight loss is easy on the body, light on joints and great for the mind at the same time. Chalk out a realistic weight loss program that follows a balanced diet, good sleep routine and dedicated yoga efforts. Start with small, achievable goals and work around these to motivate yourselves towards losing weight in a natural way.

All you need to start with yoga is a yoga mat or you may use a carpeted space as well. Get started with your weight loss journey with these simple yoga asanas. Do remember that supervised yoga sessions for the first few times is ideal as it minimizes the chance of injury due to wrong posture and/or unwanted stress on joint and muscles!!

  1. The Half-moon Pose: Ardha Chandraasana

This is a standing asana and works on the sides of the stomach to burn off tummy flabs. However, avoid this when having digestive ailments or if you suffer from high blood pressure or spinal injury.


  • Stand with your feet together and raise your hands over your head.
  • Clasp your palms together and stretch your body upwards as if trying to touch the ceiling.
  • Now exhale as you slowly bend sideways at your hips to the left, keeping your hands together and your elbows straight.
  • Move back to your original position while inhaling slowly.
  • Repeat on the right-side.

 The Chair Pose: Utkatasana

Also a standing asana, it works on the buttocks and thigh muscles burning down excess fat from these parts. However, avoid this asana if you suffer from knee injury.


  • Stand with your feet together and your hands clasped in a “Namaste”.
  • Raise your hands over your head and bend at the knees so that your thighs are parallel to the floor as they would be when you sit on a chair.
  • Bend your body slightly forward while keeping the above position and breathe slowly.
  • Remain in this position till you comfortably can.
  • Gently go back to your original standing position.


  1. Rocking Boat

This asana is very effective in firming abs and back.


  • Sit with your legs bent at the knees and feet on the floor.
  • Place your hands on the thigh and keep your torso straight so that the head is aligned to the body.
  • Lean back to a 45-degree angle and raise your feet till your calvesare parallel to the ground and toes point forward.
  • Inhale as you extend your arms and legs, keeping your legs together.
  • Now lower your torso and legs so that your body forms a wide V-shape as you exhale slowly.


  1. Surya Namaskar

Surya namaskar comprises of a set of forward- and backward-bending yoga asanas that are done in succession. This is like a full body workout and is a very effective weight loss and detoxifying routine.

  1. Kapalbhatipranayam

This is a breathing exercise that is good for strengthening and toning stomach and abdomen muscles while improving digestion too as it uses the stomach muscles to manage your breathing. Avoid this asana if you have high blood pressure, heart disease or hernia. It is perfectly normal to feel a little sore around the abdomen.


  • Sit comfortably, keeping your spine erect.
  • Place your palms on your knees facing downwards.
  • Pull your stomach in towards the spine as you exhale through your nose.
  • Now slowly, loosen your stomach muscles as you breathe in.
  • Contract your stomach muscles again and exhale forcefully through your nose.
  • When you loosen your stomach muscles you will automatically breath in.

You can start with 50 repeats of this exercise and gradually increase the repetitions based on your comfort.

One should of course bear in mind that it is easier to lose weight young than later in age as the body tends to lose flexibility and amount of fat accumulated becomes stubborn to go away with just yoga or exercise. At this point special attention to one’s diet becomes equally important. Chose a well-balanced mix of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in your diet. Avoid carbohydrate and fatty foods, especially during the latter part of the day.

Try making small changes to your lifestyle along with the regular yoga routine. Add small treks, chose walking over cars for small distances and keep yourself motivated to not skip your yoga sessions for a fruitful and fast weight loss regime.

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