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DatesMy name is Azhar and I am a college student entering my second year of college. I specialize in the field of mechanical engineering and at the same time, I am also very keen in sports too. I am fond of football and I train intensively for every school match. I’ve been able to cope up with the team and maintain a continuously incremental process in my progress with the team.

 Nourish Organics Date Bar 30gmHowever, football is a rigorous sports activity that demands the best of my energy to run from one of the fields to another. Along with it, comes the tackling part, wherein the mental ability to think and play makes the difference between winning and losing a game. 

Regular nutrition does not provide the essential requirements that are in demand by the body while playing. Without proper nutrition, the body tends to go tired sooner than it is expected to do so. It is also dangerous to stay for prolonged periods of time without the proper nourishment since it can eventually lead to an overall weaker body that will not be able to withstand the impacts of the sport.

 Snackible Seedy Trail Mix 70gmConstant training and studying for my exams at the same time proved too much of a challenge to cope with. There were times when I used to black out completely while trying to get up from the ground at play. This is the cause of mal-nourishment and it is quite dangerous while playing a championship match if not well heeded to at the right time.

 C. Green Dates & Coconut Laddoo 125gmMy coach was able to sense this issue that I was facing. He approached me one day and suggested me to consume 2 to 4 pieces of dates along with milk or honey. Dates are a rich source of the best ingredients for muscle development. It is known to significantly improve the energy levels in people within just half an hour of consuming it. It is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals that are required by the body, especially the ones who are engaged in sports activities. I listened to my coach about these benefits and started to munch on 2 or more dates per day. I was not able to gain any superhuman strength right away but slowly and steadily I could feel myself playing more and harder for prolonged periods of time without the issue of becoming tired. I was able to concentrate on my studies as well since the body was replenished with the essential nutrients at the right time. I did not have any digestive issues too since dates is a laxative that prevents digestive issues by providing healthy bowel movements.

Yogabar Vanilla Almond Box-Pack Of 10Today I live a healthier life by consuming dates and have won many championships for my team as well.


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