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Creeping herb Bhringraj found in Southern America and India is known for its numerous benefits, especially related to stress reduction and the full spectrum of benefits that result from lowering stress levels. Bhringraj Oil derived from pure natural organic herbs is able to relieve stress in a holistic style, by affecting related organ systems in ways that will support the alleviation of stress form the mind.

The effect of Bhringraj Oil on the functioning of the nervous system, its anti-ageing effect on the whole human system and promotion of general well-being affects the process of de-stressing profoundly. The action of Bhringraj Oil is detoxifying in nature through a consistent supply of oxygen to tissues in the brain and the body. In this process, a marked improvement in blood circulation happens through intense oxygenation.

Bhringraj Oil has been in use in Ayurvedic medicine for a number of decades and is beneficial for both men and women when it comes to stress management.


How to Complete an Intense Head Massage with Bhringraj Oil

In order to achieve best results from a massage of Bhringraj Oil, you need not spend a fortune on hair care at a saloon. The therapeutic effects locked inside pure organic Bhringraj Oil can be obtained right from the comfort of your home by allowing yourself a good head massage for around fifteen minutes.

  1.  First, part your hair to achieve a good hand with your fingers. Apply a reasonable quantity of pure organic herbal Bhringraj Oil into the central portion of your scalp and start massaging gently in circular motion with the tips of our fingers.
  2. Next, continue the massage towards the back of your head and the sides in a similar fashion and continue the circular massage until you cover the entire scalp.
  3. Once you have applied the oil to the entire scalp, follow the gentle massage with a slightly vigorous massage for around fifteen minutes. You must make sure that the massage is not too vigorous and just produces mild vibrations through gentle finger movements. This will aid in blood circulation and stimulatesnerves, hair roots and blood vessels. It will also cause oxygenation to happen naturally and trigger detoxification of tissues.

A good way to discern whether you are applying the right amount of pressure as opposed to overdoing it is to sense how it feels during the massage, approximately five minutes after you have started it. If you feel more relaxed and a calming feeling starts to set in, then the amount of pressure applied is optimal and it is an indication that the Bhringraj Oil has started to seep in. If you feel good even after fifteen minutes, then you can massage for another fifteen minutes or even half an hour according to your preference. The Bhringraj Oil can be left overnight for best results. When used just before a bath with a hot towel wrap the Bhringraj Oil therapy can initiate lasting results for ideal de-stressing.


  1. This head massage with Bhringraj Oil can be undertaken roughly two or three times in a week and you will find noticeable strength in your hair roots and clarity in thinking. These positive symptoms suggest that your stress levels are now below harmful levels. The holistic healing brought about through Bhringraj Oil will also give you an overall calm feeling, cause hair to grow quickly and maintain a healthy and well nourished scalp.

A thorough and gentle massage with Bhringraj Oil brings about stress relief instantly through improved circulation, oxygenation and detoxification of tissues. Hence it is also helpful in treating problems related to mood disorders, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and insomnia which are directly related to stress and tension. Due to reduced stress levels, you are sure to experience renewed hair growth, less graying of hair and complete eradication of scalp and hair problems.

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