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Stress is killing us, individually and as a society. It is getting to our peace of mind, our sense of self, and our desire for happiness. It ruins marriages and friendships alike not to mention familial bonds. Stress has got to go! And you can do it using something natural and simple like massage oils.

Everyday aromatic or aromatheraphy oils differ from massage oils (aka essential oils) in density and viscosity, meaning they have different properties. With massage oil, factors like skin absorption, scent, warmth, and pore penetration are absolute requirements. All in all, massage oils ensure relaxation and calm.

  1. Is Lavender a Good Stress-Buster?

Any massage oil combos you choose need to possess a carefully selected blend of botanical extracts that work to enhance your skin (even skin that is troubled and prone to allergies or irritations). Such herbal blends will benefit your skin with soothing calm.

  • All skin types should be able to benefit from essential oil combination.Lavendar has not shown to stoke allergies of any kind.
  • Applying before and after baths will result in an all-round relaxing experience. This is a smart idea to follow with any essential oil selection you prefer.
  • Aside from pure extracts of lavendar, look for two other ingredients in essential oils, namely bilberry and winter green. They are powerful de-stressers and promote skin health as well as impart relaxation.
  • Why are these three extracts so important among essential oils?
  • Lavender fulfils the triple role of antiseptic, analgesic, and antidepressant. It absorbs quickly into the blood stream and is great against respiratory tract infections. It is also known for its powerful anxiety and stress relieving properties. Thanks to its cicatrizant properties, it is good with wound healing, dermatitis, burns, and some other skin ailments.
  • Bilberry helps provide the smoothness and moisturizing potential required in quality massage oils.
  • At first, Winter Green may not sound like an herb at all but the plant has an exquisite natural scent not to forget its proficiency at soothing joints and muscles, enhancing respiratory functions, and tagging along several spiritual and emotional properties that should be experienced to be believed.

With such potent properties going into any given essential oil, few people can say no to its power to change something inside them while simultaneously killing stress.In this fashion, explore a plethora of options and learn their ingredients individually much like we listed above.


  1. I have heard of Indian Rose Being Good Massage Oil. Is It True?

Entirely non-greasy in consistency and designed to perform in a gentle and nurturing manner (good enough for babies), few massage oils compare to Indian Rose.


  • Capable of improving blood circulation, this oil can be quite therapeutic indeed.
  • Additionally, its very scent of rose and other oils promotes a deep sense of peace and relaxation.
  • If you are feeling overly stressful, this oil comes designed to reduce or eliminate stress altogether.
  • Those with sensitive skin will find this oil quite amazing as it promotes natural skin well-being and elasticity.
  • Other oils that complement this one include carrotseed, wheatgerm, rosemary, sesame, vegetable, peanut, almond and olive. If you happen to find some, most, or all of these blends in a product, you are looking at a good bottle of stress-relief essential oil.

Each of these oils pack supreme skin and sensual benefits.

  1. Is Orange an Actual Massage Oil or Is It Purely A Namesake?

The scent of an essential oil that contains orange is beautifully citrusy and fresh. Aside from that, most quality essential oilsthat use orange in their ingredients have what it takes to go deep into your skin and rejuvenate it thoroughly; it also imparts glow and youthfulness.


  • We cannot stress enough the citrus aroma in such massage oils. It is nothing short of exhilarating not to mention stress relieving.
  • Look for another complementary oil blend to match orange, namely bran oil. It serves to make skin smooth and radiant while keeping it soft and naturally wrinkle-free.


  • Orange and wheatgerm oil are another excellent combo as essential oils go. Together they strengthen and relax muscles in a balanced fashion.
  • Wheatgerm alone is a rich source of vitamins A, D, and E. This means faster repair to damaged tissues and improved blood circulation.

A consequence of all this is complete de-stressing that you may just call magic.

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