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A vast majority of us use our busy work schedules and hectic social lives as an excuse for our low fitness levels. We continue eating unhealthy food and not exercising, insisting that we are too busy to work on our health. But stop for a minute right there, because if Anil Ambani can do it, then so can you.

Yes, Reliance Industries Limited’s Vice Chairman and Managing Director Anil Ambani also goes by another name – India’s Corporate Marathon Man. With his debut marathon in 2004 in Bombay, he set off on a lifelong journey of discovery of fitness and a healthy lifestyle through running combined with a balanced diet.

What motivated him, you ask? Well, there were many factors, but three aspects are the most significant. Firstly his father, business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani’s words to him: “Look Son, you can buy any luxury you want in life, from clothes to food, from a home to a holiday, but you can never buy health. Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel good.” Also, he was inspired by the then US President George Bush’s commitment to fitness and inspired himself by thinking that if Mr Bush could do it, then so could he! Last but not the least – All of us need something to push us over the edge and inspire us to jump, and for Anil, it was during an investor conference in New York in 2002 where an investor embarrassed Anil by implying that his unfit state, at an unhealthy 105 kgs, could be a direct representation of the larger financially unhealthy state of his business.

A combination of these motivating factors pushed Anil to turn a new leaf, causing him to eat better, run regularly and in the process bring down his weight to 68 kgs!

While running has been a significant cause of his new fit look and healthy approach to life, Anil is the first one to accept that monitoring his diet and modifying it to suit his body’s requirements was as important as the activity side of things.

What’s most noteworthy about this businessman’s diet is that he consumes only fruits and juices before noon. These natural nectars made of fruits and vegetables give him the boost of energy he needs to kick start his day with his morning run, and keep him energetic and efficient at work. Also, Anil believes in the significant nutritional benefits of honey  and uses it in various forms to substitute sugar and satisfy his sweet cravings. He prefers whole grain options in his meals over traditional carbohydrate sources like rice and wheat.

This commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle through the correct mix of a balanced diet and a strict exercise regime has made one of India’s top business tycoons Anil Ambani a healthier man. He has realized from this new chapter in his life that it is important to invest, not just in business, but in one’s self by improving your quality of life and treating your body better. So, when are you leaving those excuses behind and joining the likes of Anil?


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