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‘Martin Buber’, the most cherished Austrian-born Israeli Jewish philosopher, elaborates his unique thoughts by quoting, “An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language”. Most of us are fond of domesticating pets but most importantly we are always needy for their proper sensitization.    

Everyone loves having and domesticating pets, each next person is fond of this. Mostly we bring dogs and cats to cradle them. But as we have these pets in home it enhances the responsibilities to cradle them and to keep them safe from all kind of diseases, but sometimes it seems to be a little tough for  all of us to care them properly when we are busy and don’t get time, and ignoring them continuously becomes scary for our pets. So therefore, we may follow some of organic remedies to prevent our pets from diseases and to protect them for life time and also to let them smelling nice.

The best organic and home remedies that you ought to follow to make your pet odour free, which are-

  • Organic spray- These sprays are always organically manufactured due to which it does not harm pets anyhow, these sprays can be used at body as well as at the kennel of your doggy or kitty to remove odour and to protect them from fleas. For pet care it is very easy method to use, firstly wash your pet and swab them by towel and then apply this organic formulated spray on your pet to let them smelling nice.

  • Organic soap- For washing pets we can avail some organic soaps from outlets, these soaps are especially made from neem oil, coconut oil, caustic and tree oil as well, by means of which it organically keeps your pets odour free and make pets shaggy, through these soaps you will never have any damn grievance from your darling pet, these all organic soaps are proven and an experienced items. Wash your pets by these soups twice in a week to let them smelling good.

  • lemon oil- Lemons are not only good for humans it benefits dogs as well, To give lemon oil adding in food of them boosts their immunity system and also control their excess and unnecessary barking. Lemons contain vitamin C in a massive storage which detoxify their unwanted flab and make them more rapid. Give your doggy or cat lemon oil whether in meal or water at least two times in a day, when they are internally healthy so externally they will smell nice.

  • Lavender essential oil- These essential Oils prevents your doggy from several diseases and replenishes wounds, it is good to have for your kitty as well, studies say that lavender oils are a good insect repellent and keeps your doggy or kitty away from harmful insects. You can wash your pets through this oil by adding it in lukewarm water this will soothe and provide calming effect to your loving pet because lavender is blend of sweet, exotic and cool smells. Do this act of washing twice in 15 days for a good outcome.


Let you darling pets get deodorized and cool.


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    Really very healpful blog for me!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot.

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