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Lizards or more commonly referred to as house geckos are one of the scariest thing found in the pristine abode of ours. No one likes even a single sight of them, but unfortunately, it’s unavoidable. Seesawing from one wall to another, lizards defile every single corner of the house. Though this little creature might seem harmless, but the effects of its very presence are disturbing.

  • Defaces the walls

This little creature scatters its litter all over the house walls. And with its reproduction rate being pretty swift, eggs of its newborn can also be witnessed.

  • Affects the food

Being small in size provides a lizard with the obvious opportunity to get its sticky tongue over the food and other materials. This could be very harmful due to various bacterial and parasitic infections residing over a lizard.

  • Causes infectious diseases

Though a house lizard’s bite is not poisonous, but they carry a variety of germs, that could cause life-threatening diseases like botulism. Such diseases remain passive at first instance, but can be fatal in the long run.

After all the above-mentioned effects, it becomes a necessity to eradicate the threat of lizards. Many household and professional techniques are implied for getting rid of lizards, some of them listed are:

  • Egg shells

This is one of the most foolproof and traditional methods which is implied to dismiss the threats from the house. It is believed that lizards hate the smell of eggs and thus remain away from it.

  • Coffee powder

This proves as another effective way of killing lizards. Coffee powder along with tobacco powder makes a deadly combination for this little devil. Small balls of this mixture are organized all over the house to kill them.

  • Pepper spray

Pepper spray works on lizards as well! With the homemade mixture of black pepper and chilli powder, lizard can be repelled to a great extent. A thorough spray all over the house would do the needful.

  • Cold water

Lizards can’t stand steep temperature changes and tend to become unconscious when such a condition arises. So whenever you see a lizard clinging to the wall, throw cold water on it to knock it unconscious.

  • Bird feather

Birds are the predators of lizard and hence with a bird's feather, you can scare them. Lizard’s tend to be away from such houses where they find a bird feather. Thus, this method proves to be quite effective.

  • Phenyl tablets

Phenyl tables are commonly used to keep our bath room’s clean. These tablets can be also be defined for the purpose of driving away lizards from the house.

Many other methodologies are also implied for eradicating lizards, such as the usage of garlic, onion, ply board, etc. With all the difficulties faced due to them, every safety measure should be utilized. Click here to explore JBN for various varieties.


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