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Don’t allow lizards to be your house mates. They might roam around your kitchen pretending to be the owners, but we are here to guide you on how to shoo them away. Follow the listed remedies and lizards would no more invade your space.

To begin with, check for these conditions that are welcoming to lizards –

  • The presence of smaller bugs or insects that is food to lizards.
  • Dirty surroundings, especially kitchen, that are likely to attract insects and bugs, which in turn will attract lizards.
  • Dingy spots in house that are not air cleaned.

Get Rid of Lizards

  • Egg Shells – Lizards despise the smell of eggs. Place broken egg shells around kitchen sink, windows etc. to keep them away.
  • Coffee & Tobacco Powder – Mix coffee and tobacco powder in equal proportion and make small balls out of this mixture. Use toothpicks to stick them around the house, especially where lizards are likely to rest and hide. They will die on eating these fatal balls.
  • Pepper Spray – No need to buy those pepper spray cans available in the market. It can be easily made by mixing grounded red and black pepper with water and by shaking it well. Spray this mixture to repel the creepy creatures.

  • Garlic & Onion – The strong and pungent flavor of garlic and onion is a big put off for lizards. String the garlic flakes and peeled onions to hang them near doors and windows. You can also soak raw garlic and onion overnight in water and then spray the infused water over the lizard infested.
  • Icy Cold Water – Splash icy cold water on the spotted lizard. The creature will experience shock and be inactivated for a while. In the meantime, kill the lizard or collect it to throw it out.
  • Bird Feathers – This is a unique way to befool and evade lizards. Hang bird feathers around your house and the slimy creature will be scared, taking the hung features for a bird (their natural predators).
  • Ultrasonic Repellent – There are good and effective ultrasonic repellants available in the market that emit frequencies that are unbearable to the lizards.
  • Phenyl Tablets – Place phenyl tablets at crucial spots. They are really effective in repelling lizards. However, be careful if you have pets and small children at home.
  • Naphthalene Balls – The commonly found naphthalene balls can be placed in wardrobes or near the dingy corners of your house.
  • Flypaper – Flypaper can effectively trap lizards. Just stick this paper on the wall and the creepy lizards will get stuck to it. After the trap, you can get rid of the lizards along with the flypaper.
  • Tabasco Sauce – Make a mix of water and Tabasco sauce and spray all around. Surprisingly, lizards will stay away.

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