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In today’s world, most people have trouble getting a sound sleep. Be it because of stress or any other external factor, sleep disorders are usually temporary. But if a sleeping disorder prolongs, then it can hamper the day to day life of an individual. It creates a negative impact on the health at both physical and emotional level. Before getting to the solution of how you can solve sleeping disorders, it is important to know the reasons why you may be suffering from the same.


  1. Depression:

Depression is a condition where one suffers from extreme feelings of worthlessness and sadness. It can result in loss of time and low productivity. Feeling low or sad at times is a part of life, but feeling hopeless on a regular basis is not at all normal. If not treated at the right time, it may worsen over time.

  1. Insomnia:

Insomnia refers to the inability to fall a sleep or stay a sleep for the required period of time or even waking up too early before getting enough sleep. It can also occur as a result of various diseases or unhappy events.

  1. Anxiety:

Anxiety is a feeling of fear and worry when you have to do something stressful. It is normal if you are worried about handling a new project or taking a test. But if this anxiety lasts all the time, it may turn into an anxiety disorder and interfere with your everyday life leaving you miserable.

  1. Sleep apnea:

It is a sleep disorder that happens when your breathing stops for a moment due to blockage of the air passage. This leads to waking up at odd hours of the night, disrupting a well-deserved sleep.

  1. Unhealthy food choices:

Diet is an important part of our lives. Our bodies use amino acids and vitamins that help the neurons calm down which in turn help us sleep. When our diet lacks these important nutrients, the body struggles to complete the reactions taking place inside that help us get sleep. Therefore, it is important to have proper food in order to sleep well.

  1. Drinking:

Although drinking alcohol may help reduce stress but at the same time, it can also make up stay up all night. This happens mainly because alcohol makes it difficult for our body to balance the blood sugar level. If we drink more than what is suitable, we may sleep for a longer period of time, hampering our sleep schedule completely.

Improving and treating sleeping disorders:

There are various solutions to improve your sleep disorders, but it is also important to track and identify the problem. While curing, it is advisable not to use sleeping pills as these contain chemicals which can cause addiction but at the same time, organic pills may work wonders.

  • Keeping a diary:

This diary should contain small details like the time you fall asleep, the time you wake up, number of hours slept, number of hours you stayed awake in bed, the type of food and drinks consumed, your behavior before and after sleep, etc. This will help you realize if you really should see a doctor not. This will also reflect the change in mood and behavior which ruined your sleep.

  • Keep a regular sleeping schedule:

No matter how busy or engaged you are, create a sleeping schedule that you can follow on a regular basis and no not deviate from that at any circumstance. This sleeping and waking up at the same time habit can slowly and steadily help in improving your sleep habits.

  • Quiet environment:

Before you fall asleep, make sure the room in which you are sleeping is quiet and comfortable enough to help you fall asleep. Make sure that the rooms are dark. If this does not work, trying a sleeping mask can help.

  • Turn off electronics:

It is suggested by medical experts to turn off the electronic gadgets including television, mobile phone, and computers, at least, an hour before going to bed. The light from the screens of these electronics can stimulate the brain cells interfering with the internal clock.

  • Organic Rescue:

It is suggested that sleeping pills should be avoided to help fall asleep because of the risk of addiction. Keeping this in mind, there are various organic pills that can help in enabling a sound sleep.

These are laboratory tested and formulated and do not cause any significant side effects.

  • Wrist bands:

With the help of technology, there are organic wristbands that have come up to help you sleep well.

They liberate tiny electronic pulses, stimulating acupressure. This helps in reducing stress and inducing sleep.


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