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In a world where everyone is struggling hard to maintain that perfect figure, eating healthy is hardly a pre-requisite. More than the health, it is the muscle mass that is going to grab the public attention. Therefore, there is immense importance placed on building mass muscle to look good. More than your personal need, muscle mass has become the new size zero, that everyone is moving towards.

However, we know that our body structure largely depends on our genes and metabolism. Although this does not mean that we cannot change the way we look, it is just that we need to work twice the time to gain the desired result. Apart from the hectic and strenuous workouts, you must also give utmost importance to your diet and food schedule. Remember to eat the right meat at the correct time, if you really want to build muscle mass.

There is a common misconception, that if you are into body building, then you can eat whatever you want and not pay any heed to those nutritionists and dieticians screaming out the need to eat healthy to stay healthy. If you want to gain and maintain muscle mass, then adequate attention needs to be given to both the processes- diet plus workout.

The right way to build muscle mass and the right kind of food to take-

Well since you have the workout plan on track, do remember to take a second look at your diet chart as well. Gaining weight is as difficult a task to overcome as losing weight is. Therefore, before you embark on the journey of mass gainers, make sure you have your facts right:

There are quite a few variety of building muscle mass in the market, today. So before you pick either of them off the rack, make sure to study their ingredients and their effects carefully. 


Mass gainers are primarily the artificial way to build muscle mass, without providing any healthy benefits. They are also protein supplements but they do not always contain nutritional values and are used to beef up the body alone, thereby building muscle mass.However, their calorie intakes vary, so make sure to look closely before picking a final one, to avoid piling on unnecessary calories!


Whey protein is a healthy supplement, advised for consumption especially to athletes and sports persons who require instant boost in energy and mass. They are an effective way to gain weight quickly but not in an entirely healthy fashion. It is packed with the entire set of nutritional values to eliminate the body fat and boost the protein composition in the body.


Therefore, remember to keep you diet in mind exclusively while aiming to build muscle mass. Since what you eat is going to directly effect on your routine as well as physique, keep a check on your consumption and if possible, make a note of what all food your body intakes and their intervals.

Keep reminding yourself, that building muscle mass isn’t a joke and you need to struggle quite a lot, especially while beginning out. Once you are in the middle and get the hang of it, then you will start enjoying the routine and instinctively keep a tab and check on yourself. But till then you will have to motivate yourself and keep up your spirits if you wish to see a noticeable difference.

Also, note that not all supplements are healthy in the long run. Some of them contain chemicals which may harm you simultaneously along with their consumption. Therefore, stay smart and pick only those supplements which are healthier than artificial mass gainers.


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