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Cancer never fear the term. Being mentally strong and accepting the very fact that you have this condition is one of the natural ways of dealing with it. Generally, mostly due to fear and rejection and depression, the bodily functions of the organs start to deteriorate thereby making the patient weaker than he already is. Cancer can be treated and tendered too. There is nothing to fear this terminal condition. Majority of the times, people have combatted cancer by simply being mentally strong.

Being mentally strong and ready to face it is the very first step. A psychological condition of an individual does indeed affect the functioning of other organs. Our brain can get easily influenced by the delusional colours induced by what we feel and start getting adapted to that. Once an individual has accepted the fact that they have cancer and are ready to face it, they have won half the battle already.

There are a few natural ways of combating cancer and they have been discussed in the following points.

  • Mental Acceptance: Some of you might start to get a bit irritated by the amount of emphasis given on this particular topic. But as mentioned earlier, it is necessary to be strong minded and ready to face the lemons thrown at you. Being happy really helps. That doesn’t call for forcing yourself to be happy all the time. The point being made here is don’t give yourself a window to feel sad and dejected about having this condition. Anyone could have this condition.
  • Yoga: Although doctors advise not to physically exert yourself during these times, yoga and meditation certainly helps. The beauty about yoga is that you are not put under an extreme load of physical exertions. The few basic asanas are done to release the knots and help the immune system and network to grow. This also gives peace of mind. You get to zone away from all your problems and sit down in a virtual little cocoon you have built for yourself. But it should be made sure that a person is not put under any sort of physical exertion during yoga.

  • Increased fruit consumption: Nature’s way of going about anything is the right away. Increased consumption of fruits helps in getting rid of the toxins accumulated in the body due to radiation and chemotherapy. And generally it is at this point of time that a person loses an urge to eat. But fruits are pretty light on the stomach as well. Unlike other processed foods, these do not cause any imbalance in the body function.
  • Being active: When you are diagnosed with cancer, you also get a plus one package of lethargy tagged along. And you really cannot do much to avoid that as the chemo and radiation take almost everything of what your body has. There is not much you can do to keep yourself physically active. Being active can also include reading good books and drawing as and when you feel. Small activities like that can keep one active.

Cancer is one term and word feared by everybody. At the end of the day, it is a condition that does not have a proper cure, or at least a proper cure has not been found yet. The treatment is what prolongs one’s life. The treatment always has a possibility of being a success or a failure. Never lose your hope; never lose faith in the odds being in your favour. The odds are always in your favour when you start to believe in yourself and the force. The force is always in your favour and it is pretty intensified too. In order to bring out a miracle, you need to start believing in yourself and deal with your fear and anger in a different way.


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