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Earlier when people had big houses with huge yards, they used to plant big trees in the house. Apart from other aromatic plants and climbers like rose, mogra, jasmine, tuberose etc, and fruity trees like mango, sapota, lemon, etc medicinal plants and trees like, tulsi, bel, neem etc also found a place in the yards. One reason of planting huge trees was these trees would provide cool shadow to the houses in summer seasons, after all they did not have, rather, they did not need AC like us, the cool shadows of huge trees would be enough. Another reason was having fruity and flowery plants made the household self-sufficient. Medicinal plants and trees would help to detoxify the air, keep insects and mosquitoes at bay and would come handy in case of emergency. Neem is one of those medicinal trees, which is evergreen, somewhat bitter, but always beneficial. It would give cool shadow in the summers, alienate insects, flies, and mosquitoes in rains and provide medicinal air and care in the winters. Every part of a neem tree is useful, be it it’s leaves, fruits, seeds, branches or bark. Let’s find out more about neem.


1. Respiratory System Related Problems


Neem essential oil can be used to clear the clogged nose and remove phlegm, reduce wheezing, cough, and normalize breathing. Boil water in a large vessel, add a few drops of neem essential oil in it and inhale this steam covering the head with a thick towel or wash cloth. This steam is very healthy and beneficial to ease breathing process in a cough and cold. It is also beneficial for people suffering from asthma.


2. Radiant Smile


Neem is antiseptic and anti-bacterial in nature. Thus it helps to fight germs and bacteria in the mouth, reduces cavity and bad breath. It is also used to keep the gums healthy, and prevent gum bleeding. It controls germ growth in the mouth thus protecting it from decay and bad breath, that is why many toothpastes are fortified with neem extract.


3. Purifies Blood


Neem helps to detoxify blood and body by absorbing all the impurities and flushing them, along with any toxins out of the body. This helps us to stay healthy from within. By purifying the blood, it reduces the chances of breakouts, acne, and black or white heads. The best way to make use of neem to purify blood is to consume a neem capsule or neem juice.


4. Aids Digestion


Neem leaves contain high amounts of fiber, protein, calcium and amino acids. Chewing raw neem leaves help to boost digestion in the body by enhancing the intestinal activities. If you cannot chew raw neem leaves, you should consume neem capsules.


5. Regulates Hormones And Enhances Blood Circulation


Another reason to chew raw neem leaves is that it regulate our hormones and balances them. It also helps to improve the blood circulation in the body, which helps to keep our skin and body healthy from inside. If you cannot find neem leaves nearby, try drinking neem juice.


6. Pesticides/Insecticides


As mentioned earlier, neem leaves are anti-bacterial and antiseptic in nature, which helps to alienate the insects and mosquitoes. Burning neem incense is the best remedy to keep the house insect and mosquito free. Neem smoke helps to remove the impurities from the house, thus making the air pure and fresh. In addition to this, it can also be used to keep food items pest free. In case you store food grains and pulses in your house, you can use dried neem leaves to repel the pests. Put some dried leaves or neem leaves powder in a muslin cloth, fold it securing the neem leave in the cloth, tie a knot on top and place this packet in the pulses and grains.


Now you know, that a neem tree does a lot more than giving you cool shadow and reducing your skin and hair related problems, try using one of them and let me know, how did you benefit out of it.


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