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Valerie Ann Worwood, a renowned author said in her book - The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy,  "Lavender oil helps controlling the infestation of fleas, black fly, black beetle, flies, greenfly and white fly."

Lavender is a beautiful herb that has been used in perfumes, repellents, massage and in many other fields from an ancient age. Lavender is a scented herb that gives a great relief from anxieties and provides a mental support and relaxation.  This herb is a gift to us by nature as this provides great relief from pain, depression, burns, muscle stretches and chicken pox. Recent studies have revealed that pure essential oil like lavender oil increases the sleep time and allows one to sleep better, women are more affected by this as compared to men and also this works great as an anti depressant. This scented flower is being used in medicinal field too, because of its vast health benefits.

Let’s see how it is beneficial for us:

  • For Sleep
  • For Skin
  • For stress and depression
  • A natural perfume
  • For headache
  • Heals scratches, burns and cuts
  • Anti microbial properties
  • Antiseptic
  • For healthy hair and scalp
  • Insect repellent


For sleep- Better sleep is a crucial part of everybody’s life and is necessary for living a stress free and healthy life. There are many ways to enhance your sleep and lavender oil is one of the most simple and natural options for better sleep. Lavender essential oil is extracted by distilling the flower. This oil is having calming property that soothes the senses and central nervous system and allows us to have sound sleep. Massaging or taking bath with few drops of lavender oil in water before sleeping soothes our mind and makes us fall sleep quickly and easily.


A natural perfume- Lavender is a naturally scented plant and its fragrance is really amusing. Lavender oil could be used as a perfume or as an air-freshener in house. You can prepare a homemade oil diffuser to make your home scented and smell awesome. This creates a fresh atmosphere and also works great as an insect repellent. You can also burn this oil in lamps, if you are not comfortable with diffusers.


For healthy hair and scalp- Massaging with lavender oil soothes our scalp and enhances the blood circulation too. It is having powerful antiseptic and anti bacterial properties that keeps the scalp fresh and free from dandruff, impurities and lice. A formal study found that people who used lavender oil for 4 months have noticed a hike on the growth of their hair. Massage this oil to your head on a daily basis to get amazing results;  you can also mix this with coconut oil or with some other essential oils.

Insect repellent- As lavender is having a strong fragrance, this fragrance is not tolerable by insects and pests. It is being used as an insect repellent for many years, either you can apply the diluted lavender oil direct to your skin or can burn the oil in a lamp for a fascinating redolence. 

              Get rid of any pain by gulping a few doses of lavender oil 

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