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Massage is a meticulous physical application of pressure and it is also the progress to the soft tissue of the skin, muscles and ligaments; messages get cured the muscles problems by the movement of the flow of blood and lymph. It also alleviates tension and stimulates nerves. Massage also loosens or stretches muscles and connective tissue to maintain them flexible.

A person, under stress, finds a difficult to find a sound sleep. If stress is distressing the sleep cycle of a human being, there are some simple ways to fix it. The best way to combat the stress is a foot massage, which helps in providing good sleep and also acts as one of the best stress busters. Foot massage doesn't have to be an unusual affair and you can keep it simple.

Nowadays foot massage can be the ultra-relaxation zone for many people. There are many nerves ending on the feet. Reflexology is based on the assumption that the body is consists of 10 zones, ending on the bottom of the feet and hands. These ten zones keep up a correspondence to different parts and organs in the human body. By pressing and massaging these ten zones on the feet in a meticulous order, it can affect other parts of the human body within that zone. A person can get advantages of foot massages by getting a pedicure too, from local parlors.

Benefits of Foot massage:

  • To reduce stiffness.
  • It controls blood pressure.
  • Foot massage can release pain and aches in the body.
  • It is used to release the stress.
  • It helps in infant growth.
  • It helps for the treatment of sports related injuries.
  • It can boost the immunity of human body.
  • Foot massage is used for muscle toning.
  • Foot massage is the best medicine to control anxiety and depressions.
  • Foot massage promotes better sleep. Before going to bed, a relaxing foot massage can help you sleep better by removing the tiredness of all day long. A peaceful and tranquil foot massage will help the body chill out, and it increases the blood circulation in the body and lightens up the nerves, which will promote a restful sleep.

  • Foot massage advanced blood circulation in the body. In this modern era due to inactive lifestyles and the advancement of technologies, most of the people do not exercise the muscles of our feet properly. Also due to unacceptable footwear like tight shoes slow downs normal circulation in the feet.
  • Foot massage keeps the feet healthy and makes it free from all the problems by stimulating the muscles around the feet.

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