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Tension and anxiety have recently been classified as of one of the world’s deadliest health conditions. The high competition that we face in our day to day lives is a negative result of urbanisation and modernisation. In order to compete with the western world, while aping their norms and trends we have also involuntarily brought upon the killer disease, stress on us. Stress is essentially a medical condition where we start hyperventilating due to anxiety and tension. The pressures we face in our personal and professional lives, often leave a deep scar and it becomes difficult for us to respond positively to such situations.

Although it is difficult to diagnose anxiety in the initial stages, since we often misinterpret it as work load and pressure. More than self-diagnosis, we have to many a times depend on our near and dear ones to point out if we become its victims. Prolonged state of stress can cause further serious health issues like hypertension, obesity and heart diseases. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to diagnose such nervous disorders in its initial level, rather than losing mind and sleep when it’s too late. The most common signs of a victim of this condition can be indicated based on their reactions to tense situations.


It is high time we recognise stress as a deadly condition, despite WHO sending out alert signals to all metropolitans and cosmopolitans. Here we list out a few methods to overcome the dangers that a person might have to face after living in a prolonged state of stress:

  • Meditation: the process of attaining spirituality begins from meditation, which requires nothing but attention to your breathing in a silent space for 10 to 15 minutes. The whole process is known to instantly calm the nerves.

  • Massage: this is one of the easiest ways to relax those worked up nerves and improve the blood circulation. A good massage is known to ease anxiety and also bring relief from muscular pain.
  • Yoga: the latest stress-buster on the block, yoga is now back under the limelight, thanks to the celebrity wagon who have embraced the practise of spirituality whole-heartedly. Either yoga or a good workout leads to the release of endorphins, the feel good hormones. So there is the combination of good emotions plus healthy body.

  • Healthy diet: while over working ourselves, there is a tendency we tend to ignore our surroundings as well, which includes not only our loved ones, but ourselves as well. We stop paying attention to supposedly little things like diet and personality. However, as the age old saying goes, a healthy stomach leads to a healthy mind. The junk that we consume as instant food does not contain any nutrients to assist in the functioning of our systems.

  • Aromatherapy: therapy through the aroma of some wonderful fragrances is lately gaining a lot of attention. However, this historic practise of soothing the nerves through the beautiful smell of some well-known oils, is now back again to spread the positivity energy.
  • Rest and sleep: no amount of emphasis on the 8-hour beauty sleep can help people follow it religiously. The over accumulation of work load is also linked to not getting sufficient rest and over exerting the body. Following a healthy sleep schedule is also beneficial in keeping the body in good shape.
  • Reflexology: this is essentially the science of applying pressure at certain particular points to ease the nerves. One of the natural methods for eliminating tension, the process provides instant results.


Since hypertension is primarily linked to an imbalance in our nervous system, it can gradually effect our mind as well as physical health. The best possible way to determine is in times of a crisis. Incidents can be hard to deal with, emotionally and physically but the way a person reacts to such critical periods reveal their mental state of mind. Stress also leaves an adverse impact on the biological and physical state of being, apart from crashing the emotional system. Click here to browse more products that relieve stress.


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