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The body also has to recuperate before it is subjected to strict exercise and diet regimes, which will affect both you and your baby. The abdominal fat, which you gained during pregnancy, is only a temporary problem and modifying your lifestyle to include a nutritious diet, some simple stretch exercises and enough rest is sure to bring you back into shape in a few months.

  • Lose Weight with the Help of Nature

Obviously, as soon as the baby is born you lose weight. Additionally, breast feeding also helps in losing weight post-partum. Once you have recuperated get into shape at home by exercising with your baby replacing the weights of the gym; do lunges with your baby held to your chest; do presses while you hold the baby above your chest; and you can also lunge when you walk behind the stroller with your baby.

  • Include Weight-Loss Foods in your Diet

Take some natural foods which are sure to affect your metabolism in a positive and healthy way.

  • Take apple cider vinegar with hot water two to three times in a day. This will help you to reduce fat post-partum.
  • Lime and honey mixed in water is also a natural weight loss drink.
  • Drink green tea to lose weight.
  • A cabbage dish which is high in fiber but low in calories is a good dish for weight loss.
  • Take acai berry juice twice a day for losing weight.
  • Negative calorie foods like celery, cucumbers and tomatoes make excellent snacks to munch on in between meals.
  • Drink Indian plum leaves tea twice a day and help your body to burn fat.

  • Change Your Diet Lifestyle

While pregnant, you could indulge in anything that you wanted to. But once the baby has come, you need to modify your diet and adopt a new set of rules which were surely missing during your pregnancy days.

  • Make a diet regime which spaces your meals and divides your calories evenly through your meals to lose weight after your delivery.
  • Breakfast is still the most important meal during which you need to consume enough of vitamins, fibers and other essential nutrients.
  • Eat a fiber-rich diet, which will fill you up without those extra calories.
  • Increase your protein intake which also tends to lessen your hunger pangs. Some protein rich foods are fish, lean meat cuts, skinless poultry and beans.
  • Consume whole grains, a lot of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables and low-fat dairy products.
  • Eating nuts ensures that you are satiated for longer periods as they take a longer time to be digested.

  • A Regular Exercise Regime is Necessary

Exercising after post partum needs to be gradually taken up starting with simple exercises four weeks post delivery.

  • Bridge Exercises: To tighten the abdominal muscles and strengthen your core muscles
  • Pilates and Yoga: To gain flexibility and strength
  • Pelvic Tilts: To reduce belly fat
  • Exercise Ball: Good tummy exercise after delivery
  • Aerobic Exercise: Running, biking, swimming to keep up your heart rate

  • Important Tips
    • Of course, during pregnancy, when you were gaining weight, you had to be cautious with what you were eating even though you were having food cravings. Post-partum, indulge but don’t throw caution to the wind.
    • It is very vital that you take plenty of rest. Sleep while your baby is also sleeping to keep the level of your energy high which will help to keep in check your body’s sugar cravings for energy.

Allow your body to recover before you go on a post-partum diet. Give it sufficient time to get back to its normal processes. Even though you may not lose weight quickly post-partum, following simple tips will ensure that you benefit in the long run. Click here for more information on getting rid of post-partum weight in a healthy way.


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