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Inflammation is a natural response to foreign invasion or even the presence of unwanted elements produced by the body. Inflammation is necessary if we want to fight harmful microbes and in the absence of inflammation these microbes would be able to take over the body completely. Hence we can say that acute inflammation or inflammation that remains for a short time is good and even necessary. However, if the inflammation becomes chronic as in the case of arthritis it can turn against the body’s own tissues. This is the reason that it is necessary to treat chronic inflammation as soon as possible.

There are many anti inflammatory drugs available as over the counter or prescription medicines. However, these modern medicines have many harmful side effects which is why more and more people are turning towards natural and organic products like turmeric, astaxanthin, Pine bark etc. These products can be consumed orally or applied topically as required. All of them are made from natural and organically cultivatedanti inflammatory ingredients, which means that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals, pesticides, or fertilisers.

The best part is that these anti inflammatory products contain the active ingredients in the natural roots and herbs. For instance, the active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin and turmeric contains only 3% curcumin by weight. This is the reason that if you want really good results you may have to consume a large amount of turmeric which is usually difficult. On the other hand these anti inflammatory pills and other products contain pure curcumin or curcumin combined with other ingredients like piperine. This ensures that your body gets the right amount of this active ingredient required to fight inflammation. Let us look at some of the anti inflammatory products available in online stores.


As mentioned above these capsules contain pure curcumin sometimes combined with piperine. The curcumin is a powerful anti oxidant and anti inflammatory compound. At the same time, it also acts as a detoxification agent and blood purifier. Curcumin is also a natural antibiotic and antiseptic.

Pine bark

The extract of pine bark is obtained from the inside bark of some pine trees. It has high amounts of compounds called oligomericproanthocyanidins and they are potent anti oxidants. Pine bark hence acts as an anti oxidant and anti inflammatory apart from being beneficial for healthy blood pressure and circulation. This in turn supports the cardiovascular health and prevents disease of the circulatory system. Some companies produce capsules with pine bark extract which is standardized to 95% OPC and is a potent dosage which promotes the health of the joints and physical functions.

Dhamasa powder

This is a bitter astringent and has a cooling effect apart from being a powerful anti inflammatory and anti oxidant herb. At the same time, it also has many stimulatory and thrombolytic properties. It helps in the purification of the blood and can also decompose blood clots which controls hemorrhage and heart problems.

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