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More and more people are turning towards alternative systems of treatment like aromatherapy because they are disillusioned with the modern allopathic medicines. The best part is that the essential oils used in aromatherapy are easily available online.

Modern lifestyles have led to more stress, tension, depression and other negative factors in many people’s lives. These in turn cause serious ailments like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension etc. On the other hand modern medicines are only partially effective in dealing with these ailments. They simply provide temporary symptomatic relief but don’t really cure the root cause of the problem. This is the reason that many people are now turning towards alternative treatment methods for such chronic problems. One of these methods that is growing fast in popularity is the science of aromatherapy

How does aromatherapy work?

According to the principle behind aromatherapy, when you inhale the fragrance of essential oils it stimulates the parts of the brain that are related to smell i.e. the olfactory system. Then the limbic system of the brain receives a signal from this part of the brain and the limbic system controls emotions and brings forth forgotten memories. As a result of this the body responds by secreting chemicals which cause the person to feel calm and relaxed or stimulated as the case may be.

The effect of the essential oils is believed to be direct and pharmacological. The thing to bear in mind is that essential oils are different in composition compared to other herbal products due to their specific distillation process is capable of recovering the lighter phytomolecules. This is the reason that essential oils work in a different manner when they reach our olfactory system. They activate the limbic system and the emotional centers of the brain. Sometimes aroma oils are also used as massage oils and here they activate the thermal receptors and destroy fungi and other microbes.

Which ailments are most impacted by aromatherapy?

Although aromatherapy can be used as a complementary treatment with any other method of treatment for almost all ailments, it is particularly effective in mental and emotional disorders. For instance, patients suffering from anxiety, stress, insomnia, unexplained headaches and body aches, circulation problems, menstrual and menopausal problems, digestive problems and depression are particularly benefitted by this method of treatment.

Method of use

As mentioned above aroma oils can either be inhaled or applied topically. For this purpose they can be added to massage oils, baths and other products for therapeutic skin care. The other two methods are aerial diffusion and direct inhalation. For aerial diffusion either reed diffusers or oil burners are used.

The oil gets evaporated into the air and lends it a particular fragrance. This fragrance in the air not only disinfects the atmosphere but also heals the problems faced by the people in the space where the oils are diffused. Direct inhalation is done by inhaling the oils dropped in a kerchief or pillow. This method is especially used for respiratory disinfection, decongestion, and for psychological benefits.

The best part is that these essential oils are easily available in online stores which have very user friendly websites. The properties and benefits of the oils are published on the websites and if you want to study one of the best such websites then you can click here


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