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Having a healthy sexual life can make one a happier individual. It implies more confidence and more comfort with the people around you. It can be an important factor to increase your general peace of mind. Scroll down to find out about the various ways you can ensure a healthy sex life .

Understand what you and your partner wants

TV, novels and popular culture can often implant confusing ideas into our minds about what sex should be like. However, each person is different and so are the preferences and desires. Take time to figure out what you want. Keep an open mind about different desires and accept that what you may like might be unconventional for others. But that doesn’t imply there is anything wrong with you.

Do not be afraid to experiment

If you are curious about something, let your partner know. Trying out new things might be a great way of spicing up your bedroom life if things have been dull for a while. Talk to your partner  about what you plan to do and make sure you are clear about what you say. If you do not communicate well, you might end up giving him/her a nasty shock later.

Don’t drink and get busy

When one things lead to another during a drunken night, often you might find yourself in situations you would not want to be in if you had all your senses together. Make sure you don’t lose control around strangers because there are a lot of sexual predators in our world. However, it is completely okay to have a glass of wine with someone you already know; it even puts you in the right mood apparently.

Get to truly know each other

Long after the initial attraction fades, a lot of couples realise the need to talk to one another. When you truly talk to each other, laugh together and spend time with just each other, a lot can happen to the intimacy between you. True, the heat may eventually vanish but a sense of comfort can take its place when you begin to appreciate not just each other’s bodies but also each other’s minds. Learn to express love, not just lust through the act.

Take care of your overall health

Obesity , diabetes , hypertension and stress issues  can cause major problems in your sex life. Make sure that you keep other health disorders (if present) in check to enjoy a healthy and satisfying sex life.

Sex is something one can enjoy at any age. Keeping an open mind and a clear head usually is the key to having a healthy sex life.

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