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There are special products designed to help a man with his sexual well-being. Most of the times, a good supply of essential nutrients and immunity boosters is all it takes to improve sexual health. Depending upon the nature of the problem, specific products can be recommended. For the most common reasons, these are the products that are most popular with men.


It is one of the essential amino acids produced by the body which is used for metabolism. It can be used to treat men for erectile dysfunction. The effectiveness of a sildenafil can be enhanced by a propionly-L-carnitine supplement. Another area where carnitine helps is the increased amount of blood flow. It has also been able to treat several cases of Peyronie’s disease. Albeit for a short span of time, there are some side effects caused by this supplement, such as nausea and stomach ache.


L-Arginine is another type of amino acid which acts as building blocks for protein. When consumed, it becomes a nitric oxide after being broken down in the body. It is proven to have improved erections in men who consumed it for as long as six weeks. L-Arginine treats the erectile dysfunction condition by supplying blood to the area. It brings about dilation of blood vessels to help improve the condition. There may be side effects associated with this supplement, they are bloating and belly pain.


The effects of depression may interrupt the sexual well-being of any person. There are various ways in which depression can be treated, notably meditation, medication, exercise and therapy. The antidepressants used to treat such conditions have a bad side effect of lowering the amount of libido and degrade the sexual health. SAMe or S-adenosyl methionine is a naturally produced chemical inside the body which plays an important role in reducing depression without having any side effects on sexual organs. For people who suffer from a dearth of SAMe, there are supplements available which can boost its production. Only a minimum dosage is recommended since high dosage can bring about side effects such as headache, dizziness and insomnia.


Good levels of cholesterol is important to keep good overall health. Niacin is a vitamin B supplement which helps restore good cholesterol levels in the body. It helps treat various sexual illnesses such as erectile dysfunction, drive and general discomfort.

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