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Our heart is our life line and beats round the clock. We tend to take our heart’s health for granted and ignore if it is pumping our blood with the right pressure or not. While proper diet and exercising are paramount, another effective way to control blood pressure is to take herbal and organic supplements.

Let us discuss how to keep your blood pressure in control –

  • Alter Lifestyle

Unlike many health ailments, blood pressure issues often go undetected and come to the fore only when significant damage is done. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, damages the blood vessels and can cause severe stroke. It is suggested to lead a moderate lifestyle with focus on healthy eating, proper sleep and minimal stress or anxiety. A controlled lifestyle will certainly control blood pressure too.

  • Regular Monitoring

Blood pressure can be defined as the forceful impact of blood against the arteries. Blood pressure should be monitored regularly with a clear understanding of its measurements. The top number of its measurement is called ‘Systolic’. It stands for the pressure prevalent in the arteries at the time of heart’s contraction. The bottom number is called ‘Diastolic’ that signifies the pressure prevalent in-between the heart beats. The ideal measure is – 120/80 mmHg. Monitor the readings regularly and consult doctor if numbers are showing high.

  • Maintain Healthy Weight

Bulkier body means your heart has to work harder to keep the blood moving. And an overworking heart gets further bogged down by problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and many heart-related ailments. Shed extra weight by exercising regularly. This will regulate blood pressure  and also reduce heart’s resting rate.

  • Keep Anger and Stress at Bay

Anger actually boils the blood. Every bout of anger or stress constricts the blood vessels and escalates heart’s beating. This consequently increases blood pressure and also activates stress hormones. So avoid getting worked up by practicing meditation and other relaxation techniques. 

  • Limit Alcohol or Tobacco Intake

Excessive intake of alcohol will have blood rolling vigorously in your arteries. So drink moderately and keep hypertension away. Smoking is even dangerous as it cuts the oxygen’s flow to the heart, causing high blood pressure and great damage to arterial cells.  

  • Consume Less Salt

Consuming more salt causes water retention in the body that also causes increased blood volume. This further burdens the heart and blood vessels with high blood pressure being the aftereffect. Limit your salt intake to avoid hypertension.

  • Gorge Potassium-rich foods

Shun unhealthy snacks like chocolates, ice-creams, sodas or chips. Rather, enjoy potassium-rich foods like banana, potatoes (baked) and dry fruits. These foods expel sodium from our bodies and regulate blood pressure . However if your kidneys tend to develop frequent infection, consult doctor before eating potassium-rich foods. 

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