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Though the social protocols allow the habit, smoking is considered to be highly injurious to the health of the person. What starts out to be a small habit, say one or two cigarettes per day, turns out to become more than three packs of cigarette per day. The person gets into a sort of addiction when he gets to smoke one cigarette. It reaches a point where he needs professional help when he tries to quit smoking. The process of quitting is a slow process and requires extreme patience on the side of the person who is trying to quit the habit.

Ways to quit the habit of smoking

Smoking has known to been the cause for several types of respiratory problems in several people. These problems not only affect the smokers but also affect the people around them and these people are called the passive smokers. Quitting the habit is easy only if you know the right steps that need to be taken in order to make the process easy and effective.

  • Replacement to the cigarettes:

Cigarettes that are generally available in the market have chemical additives to it and these serve as the main source of addiction to the cigarettes and also for the problems that are caused to the respiratory system. The most harmful chemical that can be found in these products is nicotine. Instead of using nicotine patches to cut the habit, organic cigarettes containing some herbs and medications can be used as a replacements and this will slowly create a change.

  • Using blood cleansers:

Blood purification is necessary to remove the residual nicotine that circulates in the blood. Nicotine stands to be the reason for the addiction and once it is slowly removed from the blood, the addiction to the habit can be easily cut.

  • Changing the diet:

Studies have shown that people showing addiction to the habit of smoking generally crave more carbohydrates. It is recommended that the person consumes some hard candy or any form of sugar in order to satiate the urge to smoke, though it must be kept in mind that you do not over indulge in these sugary treats. Having a proper diet forms a part of the natural therapy that doctors recommend when one tries to quit smoking.

  • Supplements for respiratory problems

Respiratory problems go hand in hand with smoking and needs to be taken care while trying to quit the habit. These supplements help to reverse the damage done to the respiratory system.

  • Taking antidepressants

As the person tries to quit the habit, they easily become stressed for no particular reason. Though they cannot help it they can manage the stress either by taking medications for this or by following a regime of yoga and meditation.

For a chain smoker to quit smoking can turn out to be something they hate the most. With the right amount of patience and creating a perfect environment for quitting the practice, they can overcome the pain that they have to face. Click here to check out some of the organic products that Joy by Nature can offer you to help you quit the habit of smoking.


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