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Gaining weight can be tricky. Many believe that eating anything and everything in large quantity will eventually lead to gaining weight. In that process all you can gain is unhealthy belly fat. Therefore, it is important that you eat healthy food and maintain a healthy lifestyle while gaining weight.

Six Foods that will help you gain weight

Eating a healthy and nutritious food can result in weight gain. The trick is to eat more calories than you can actually burn. Another way of healthy weight gain is including foods with high proteins. Here are few foods that can help you to attain your desired weight.

  1. Eggs- Eggs are a good source of proteins, which can help you to include more calories in your diet. 100 gm of egg contains 13gm of protein approximately. If you are trying to gain healthy weight then consume at least 3-4 egg yolks every day. In fact, body builders consider eggs to be their elixir.
  1. Soya bean- Including the daily requirement of protein is difficult when you are a vegan. Soya beans are an excellent source of vegan proteins. The added benefit is that soya bean can also help you to lower your cholesterol level.

  1. Energy bars-Energy bars provide large amount of calorie in your diet ranging between 150 to 300 calories per bar. Energy bars contains large amount of protein, which will help in building muscles.

  1. Nuts- Nuts are a great snack when you are trying to gain weight. Nuts are a storehouse of nutrients and fibers. Therefore, they help to fill your appetite. You can munch on one variety or can have a mixture of nuts; both are equally beneficial for weight gain. Among others, almonds and macadamia nuts have higher fat content.

  1. Peanut Butter-Peanut butter contains large amount of proteins and fats. This helps you to gain healthy weight. Apart from protein and fats, peanut butter also provides your body with magnesium, vitamin E and Vitamin B3.
  1. Oils- Oils are an essential part of cooking. If you are trying to gain weight then there is nothing better than being generous about oil in your salad dressing. Use high fat content olive oil, avocado oil or almond oil to add taste as well as healthy fat in your daily diet.

Therefore, while trying to gain weight avoid munching on unhealthy junk foods. Instead, follow a high calorie diet with dedication to see visible results. For r more information about nutritious food you can explore Joy by Nature or click here.


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