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How can organic food help in weight loss?

A proper weight loss program will never make your body fast. It is a myth that starving helps in weight loss. The reality is different, we gain weight because most of the times the chemically processed foods switch off our satiety hormones, resulting in food craving and over eating. The primary focus of weight loss program is to eat as much as you can burn out with daily activity.

Organic foods do not contain any chemicals in them, which means less cravings and you would know when to stop. In addition, another benefit is that organic food is easy to digest and will keep you satisfied for longer period. Besides, no chemical means there is less risk of contracting other diseases due to harmful chemicals.

The key to weight loss is not starving but eating nutrient-rich diet, which must have a generous serving of saturated fat, protein and organic fruits and organic green vegetables. Saturated fat is essential for your proper brain function, development of cell and controlling the constant feeling of hunger.

Seven Foods that can help in Weight loss

  1. Lentils- Lentils are high on protein and fiber. Thus, it takes a lot of time to digest keeping your hunger satiated for longer periods. Pulses like black beans, chickpeas etc can serve the purpose of both a wholesome meal and a snack. In both cases, it helps to keep you full for longer periods that common foods like bread or pasta.

  1. Soups- Soups are a healthy and tasty way of including protein, fiber along with water in your diet. A broth based soup with organic lentils and vegetables can bring to you the best of both worlds. Vegetables are high on fiber content, which makes you stay full for long time. Besides foods, rich in fiber content require more calories to digest.

  1. Cacao nibs- Dark chocolates not only help you to keep your heart healthy, it keeps your hunger satisfied for longer period. Loaded with antioxidants, it reacts within our body to produce the happy hormone serotonin. However, recent study shows that high consumption of dark chocolate is bad due to its sugar content. Thus, the best option is to eat cacao nibs, which are high on fiber content.

  1. Quinoa- Quinoa seeds belong to the family of plants related to beets and spinach. It is a gluten-free source of wholesome protein best suited for vegans. The fiber content in quinoa is so high that it can compete with brown rice. Therefore, it has the power to keep your hunger satiated for longer period.

  1. Berries- Berries aid weight loss and are great for snacking when you are trying to shed a few pounds. Berries such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and cranberries are powerhouses of nutrients. Berries open a world of both taste and nutrition while you are on a weight loss spree. The presence of vitamin C makes them great fat burning food. Fibers present in berries help to keep your stomach full and with less sugar content than any other fruit they are the best tool for weight loss.

Remember, that if you want to achieve permanent results and achieve your weight loss goals do not depend upon diets that starve you. This will lead to other health issues. Stick to a healthy diet with organic food, exercise regularly and most importantly stay positive. For more information on organic foods, that aid weight loss, click here.


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