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Life without water is like having no life at all. Water is one of the most important elements which help to keep the body alive and functional. Water helps to hydrate the body and keep the cells alive by carrying nutrients to the cells. Water helps in flushing out all sorts of toxins from our system in the form of stool, urine and even perspiration. Water regulated our body temperature. Water intake is so important that one cannot survive without water for more than 4 days.

But this blog is not particularly about the benefits of water, but how one can spice water up a bit in order for you to lose weight. All that you have to do is simply flavor the water and take sips from it throughout the day. Theses natural ingredients mixed with water is sure to lose weight and in addition will definitely leave your skin glowing and looking youthful like never before.

These are the 5 Natural Flavors that you could try to lose that extra pound, help to detoxify your body and clean it from inside.

  • Ginger, lime, cucumber and mint- Take a jar of water and soak finely cut pieces of ginger, pieces of lemon (make sure you do not use lime juice, mint leaves and pieces of cucumber. Soak it for about an hour before you help yourself with the first glass. Keep helping yourself with more throughout the day. You should ideally consume least three liters of the same. You can even reuse these vegetables for the next round. The taste is extremely refreshing and cooling, especially during the hot summer months. The specialty of this flavored water is that it will flush out the toxins from your body, detoxifying you and helping you lose weight. If the ingredients are organic in nature the better the benefits are.
  • Jeera, Saunf and Dalchini- BoilJeera (Cumin Seeds), Saunf (Fennel Seeds) and Dalchini (Cinnamon) in half a liter of water. Make sure you have this once in the morning, in the afternoon and once at night. The concoction, is quite heating to the body, so one should have it not more than three times a day. This flavor is ideal during the winter, as it also makes your body feel warm from the inside. The mix acts as a fat burner and flushed the fat out with your bodily wastes. It also prevents your stomach from feeling bloated and improves the digestion process. The organic ingredients are of course a better option.
  • Green Tea- Green tea is a rage today;it has excellent properties which will help to detoxify the system, consuming at least four to five cups of green tea also help one lose weight. There are a variety of green tea available in the market today, chose your preference. Bring water to boil and put a few tea leaves (a pinch) in it. Let the tea brew for a few minutes before you take your first sip.
  • Neem Leaves- Neem leaves are extremely bitter. Some can simply bite into them, other fry it, but the best way to battle the bitterness and at the same time win the benefits is to soak the neem leaves in water. Neem has amazing healing benefits that having medicinal properties but will also help you lose weight. Neem has a special place reserved for itself in Ayurveda. All that one has to do is take about five to six pieces of neem leaves and soak it in water over night. The taste will still be biter but it still tolerable. Keep sipping at least two cups of this mix throughout the day.
  • Honey and Lime- This mix is simple and actually quite tasty. Bring a liter of water to boil and mix it with two table spoons of organic honey in it. Have this as many times a day that you want, just before you have it add some lime juice in it. The reason why you don’t add the lime juice before is because the stale lime might just taste bitter. Lime juice and honey together have excellent fat burning properties. You can boil some ginger in it too, in increase the flavor.


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