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We all lose hair. Whether it be during our morning shower, while blow drying it or when giving a quick brush, these are normal occurrences of hair loss. Unexplained and sudden hair loss can be scary for most women and can sometimes be the symptoms of a larger problem. Luckily there are a number of anti hair loss products that can prevent and cure such occurrences. Below you can find the common causes of sudden hair loss in most women:

  • Telogen effluvium 

    This is a phenomenon which occurs post pregnancy, extreme stress or major surgery. Here you tend to shed large amounts of hair each day while tending to it through brushing or shampooing. Anti hair loss products can prevent telogen effluvium from occurring. Around this time hair shifts much faster from the growing phase to the resting phase prior to moving into the shedding phase. Switching drugs also can help the victim. 
  • Hereditary hair loss

    If you tend to have thinning at the hairline behind your bangs, this is most likely due to your parents both having hair loss problems. This can be treated with a trip to the dermatologist to examine your pattern of hair loss. Applying an anti-hair loss product to the scalp twice a day works wonders in preventing side effects. 

  • Thyroid disease

    This is common in a million people globally, the majority of them being women. An overactive thyroid is responsible for a range of things including your base metabolic rate and the growth of your hair, nails and skin. When you have deficiency of this, you could notice certain changes. This results in loss of hair, diarrhea, moist skin and even nervousness. A thyroid hormone medication alongside an anti-hair loss product is effective in resuming your hair count. 

  • Lupus

    This is another disease that hits over 1.5 million people globally each year, the majority being women. Lupus tends to hit women in their child bearing years. Lupus is known to cause hair loss amongst both genders as well as fever and swelling in the feet and hands as well near the eyes. This can be combated using an anti-hair loss product prescribed by a dermatologist.

  • Lack of iron

    Women suffering from heavy periods and not consuming iron-rich foods could also be prone to iron deficiency. Iron deficiency shows symptoms of extreme fatigue, hair loss and pale skin. Exertion of any kind leaves you breathless. Consuming iron rich foods such as pork, fish and leafy greens helps you combat this while an anti-hair loss product assists in the resumption of hair follicle growth. 

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