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Neem is an evergreen tree, that is very medicinal in nature. The best part about neem or margosa tree is that all its parts are medicinal and useful. In olden days, people used to plant neem trees in front of their houses, near the windows or in their yards, because it is believed that the air passing through neem tree is very beneficial for good health. It purifies the air inside the houses, alienates mosquitoes, and insects protects the house from pollution and throws out all the toxins from the house. Neem is beneficial for hair, skin, teeth, etc. Here are few benefits of neem in our daily lives.


Neem For Hair


  1. Treats Dandruff And Scalp Irritation

    People with dry skin often complain about dandruff and scalp irritation or itchiness a lot. Neem being anti-bacterial and antiseptic in nature it soothes the scalp and reduces irritation and itchiness, thus retarding dandruff. Regularly using a neem hair pack would solve many of your hair problems. To know more about neem hair pack, click here.

    2. Reduces Hair Fall, Enhances Hair Growth

Neem or margosa carries regenerative properties. This helps to enhance hair growth. A good head massage with neem oil, improves the blood circulation in the head, hence reducing hair fall and stimulation hair growth. To know more benefits of neem hair oil, click here.

3. Controls Lice

Regularly using neem hair oil and shampoo, help to reduce lice in the hair of little girls. Being antiseptic and anti-bacterial in nature, It also prevents the lice from entering the head. To know more about the neem shampoo, click here.

4. Hair Conditioning

Neem deeply moisturizes and hydrates the scalp, thus helps to condition the scalp and hair. It also helps to retain the moisture and oils that our scalp produce. Using a good neem hair conditioner will also moisturize and condition your hair. To know more, click here.

5. Equally Distributes The Sebum

Sebum is the oil that our skin secretes naturally, to keep our skin moisturized. Usually, when the scalp secretes these oils it stays on and around the scalp. But a wooden comb made out of neem bark, helps to distribute it properly and equally throughout the hair, making them healthy and voluminous. While combing with neem wood comb, the comb does not generate static electricity, thus reduces the chances of hair fall. To know more benefits of this unusual comb, click here.

Neem for Skin

6. Fights Acne

Neem is being used as an antiseptic since ancient times. It controls excess oil secretion on the skin, removes impurities from the skin and detoxifies it. Therefore, using a neem face pack, cools the skin, removes all the debris and cleans the clogged skin pores, which in turn reduces the chances of further acne and breakouts. To know more about the neem face pack, click here.

7. Treats Skin Infections

Being antiseptic and anti-bacterial in nature, neem helps to treat skin infections and skin disorders. It also clears all the blemishes and adds a glow to your skin, which indeed is a sing of happy and healthy skin. This is one of the reasons, that people suffering from chicken pox, psoriasis, eczema etc are advised to bathe with neem soap. To know more benefits of neem soap, click here.

8. Relaxes And Rejuvenates The Skin

Neem is a natural emollient and astringent, it carries toning and smoothing properties. This is the reason why people love using a neem-based bath salt, to relax and rejuvenate their skin. To know more about the bath salt, click here.

9. Reduces Pigmentation And Give An Even Tone To The Skin

As discussed earlier, neem removes all the impurities from the skin, cleans the clogged pores and washes off the extra oil. In addition to this it also reduces pigmentation on the skin and even tones it. This perhaps is the reason why the world is obsessing over neem face wash. To know more benefits of this amazing face wash, click here.

Now you know the amazing things, this bitter-leaved plant can do to your hair and skin, so how about adding it to your daily beauty regime. Apart from skin and hair, neem has many other health benefits, but more on that later.


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