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‘Anais Nin’ is a name of an essayist and author of America, according to her, “Anxiety is love's greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic.” 

Being in depression & having the anxiety is the most common thing in today’s hectic life, but this seriously can’t be ignored for a long as it may cause to push one to death as well. Though none of us wants to feel anxiety or stressed but some of the unendurable situations tend to make us restless, and to alleviate it we start seeking out the ways to get  rid of it. This uneasy & restive situation bound us to follow some of those ways that are responsible for creating other problems and bad habits  instead of solving existing one, for an example, most of us are fond of smoking and according to their perception smoking lower the stress, but, they are unaware from the harm of this. We ought to opt for some of the tried and proven organic and home remedies for the purpose of keeping ourselves away from depress and anxiety.

Remedies for lowering the stress-

  1. Coffee
  2. Green tea
  3. Chocolate
  4. Aromatherapy
  5. Organic almonds

Some advocating facts pertaining to stress reduction-

Nicotine in Green Tea- Green tea is the major part of our life owing to have countless health benefits; its consumption is done in a massive quantity. There are a bundle of categories of green tea; it is hugely loaded with antioxidant and nicotine. As per a study’s conclusion, nicotine is well experienced and known to lower the stress, so, nicotine in green tea can surely help one keep off the tensions and anxiety.

Peel orange to feel good- Studies demonstrates that, ‘’ stress releases free radical damages in the body”, and these damages are very gruesome for an individual. It is highly advised by experts that the consumption of fruits & veggies which contain vitamin C are very essential for us and it really help to heal free radical damages in our body and decreases the risk of having free radical damage kind of problem in future. Consumption of 9 to 10 orange or two full glass of its juice will be more lucrative.

Almonds to alleviate tension- These nuts are crisply delicious and come in the list of most consuming items, almonds are traditionally used in some of the foods as well as sweets. Almonds are high in antioxidant, vitamin E & zinc, so these healthy nuts are well known as a stress buster. There are thousands of oils coming in the market made from almond, which are tried and proven in lowering the stress by having gentle massage with it.

Delectable Dark Chocolate-Chocolates are affectionate of each and everyone, these are the delectably sweet and high in magnesium, due to these qualities, its consumption has always been at the top. Studies say, when you are feeling stressed, go and savour the delectable bites of dark chocolate, it will definitely help you uplift your mood as well as alleviate the tension.

Dissuade stress and entertain anxiety throughout the sips of coffee.


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