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Tired eyes are not a sign of good health. The puffiness below the eyes, sagging eye beds, dark circles are all signs of improper care, stress or environmental factors. This only indicates how sensitive the skin under the eyes is.  If it’s sensitive, it requires extra care, but most of us end up ignoring this part of the skin. It’s time to open our eyes to the most important area of the eyes, the under-eye skin. Here are some tips to keep it fresh and healthy:

Keeping facial products separate: It is advisable to separate under-eye and other facial products. The skin under the eyes is exceptionally sensitive and therefore cannot tolerate the creams and sprays that the rest of the facial skin can tolerate.


Applying under-eye products: Special under-eye products are available in stores and can be applied twice daily to rejuvenate the thin and sensitive skin below the eyes. These could be in the form of lotions, creams, sprays or serums. Depending upon the condition of the under-eye skin, the intensity of the cream can be chosen.

Test the skin: The best practice is to apply a drop of the product, just to test the under-eye area. If it works and does not cause any irritation, it is good to go to that sensitive area every single day.

Avoid heat: Over-exposure to the sun or usage of regular sunscreens could cause soreness of the under-eye area. It is thus necessary to use a sunscreen specifically meant for under-eyes and wear bigger sunglasses that cover not just the eyes, but the skin under them too.

Keep it hydrated: Hydration is key to fresh skin. This applies to the entire face, and more-so to the area below the eyes. Using the right moisturizer after washing your face, preventing too much exposure to sunny and dry conditions, and drinking lots of water to keep the body hydrated helps in maintaining the eyes and under-eye skin.

Follow a routine: Following a good skin-care routine includes one that does not neglect the under-eye area. Washing the face regularly and applying serums to the eyes just before retiring to bed ensure fresh eyes the following morning.

Exercise and sleep pattern: Good exercise and sleep are important for maintaining a healthy and bright lifestyle. Likewise, healthy habits and routines affect the skin in a positive way.  Regulating food and sleep patterns, and incorporating exercises during the day lead to fitness and great health. It is equally important to follow some regular eye exercises. 

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