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Acne presents as different reasons in different people. From pollution to bad water, indigestion to other hormonal issues, acne and pimple accompany every little thing (even if you switch your regular cream or face wash). They are there and last longer. I know it hurts to see those red patches all over the face and you actually forget what your real face looks like. We do a lot to get rid of them. Use the best face washes, eat cautiously and even go out in the sun with our faces covered as if we are out for a bank robbery. Yes, it’s not funny and yet it is. It is funny how little acne and pimples make our world go upside down and God forbid if there are parties round the corner, our self-confidence just vanishes.

Why we fear acne

And finally you see it vanishing away after vandalizing your face for weeks; but hey, it doesn’t end here. It leaves something much worse behind-Acne marks. The leftovers that are difficult to deal with and we go crazy because it’s time for World War 2.

We have for you some easy remedies to get rid of the leftover scars and they won’t trouble you much-

  1. Don’t play with your acne and don’t expose them to sun because prevention is so much better than the cure. Right?
  2. Apply some lemon juice on the scars. This will help your spots go lighter day by day.
  3. Use the honey and aspirin combination. This will definitely help you bring your glowing sin back.
  4. The all-rounder aloe vera is all you need. This will not only help you get your clean skin back but it will look way more beautiful than it ever was.

  1. Baking soda is yet another remedy as it exfoliates the skin. It removes the dead skin layer off without any side effects.
  2. Potatoes are life savers too when it comes to acne scar removal but it requires patience and a little effort as you have to keep the potatoes on the affected area until it goes dry.
  3. Raw tomatoes work the very same way as the raw potatoes and are equally effective.
  4. Tea tree oil and apple cider can also help and save all the efforts.

These solutions are right there in your kitchen. You just have to get up in time and make the best use of them to get the best results.

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