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Early hair loss puts majority of people in a stressful situation. Hectic lifestyle, lack of proper nutrition, pollution, lack of knowledge on proper hair care products and many more such reasons lead to early hair loss. A recent research shows that Men and Women in our country are losing around 50 to 100 strands of hair everyday and the age of inching towards hairloss has reduced to 20 years from 40 years. That in itself is shocking. On top of it people are speeding up the process by using products full of chemicals which have more adverse effect.

Here are a few things that can help curb the hair loss and also nourish your scalp and hair to make them naturally shiny, long and healthy.

Use of Wooden Combs or Brushes:

Wooden hair combs are better than plastic ones, because they not only prevent static; their use also prevents breakage. Using a broad toothed wooden comb or a wooden brush will help the natural oils of the scalp to spread to the roots and tips of the hair. Wooden combs aid blood circulation, absorption of sebum and removes hair of impurities; also stimulating acupressure points while combing.

Use of Anti Hair Loss Products:

Hair loss can be prevented by using organic or natural anti hair loss products; which have natural ingredients which do not break the hair structure; while they strengthen hair from the root. These products can be and should be used at the first sign of hair loss and thus prevent baldness. Anti hair loss products have a variety of treatment options like anti hair loss oil which nourishes the hair from root; anti hair loss shampoos which clean the scalp of any dandruff or dirt and nourish the scalp while anti hair loss conditioners which condition hair to make it shiny and bouncy.

Anti Dandruff Treatments:

Dandruff is one of the major culprits which results in subsequent baldness if not dealt with on time. Dandruff has to be treated with organic anti dandruff products. Anti Dandruff Oils nourish the scalp and prevent new dandruff occurrence while Anti Dandruff Shampoos help in cleaning the scalp.

Regular and Wise Use of Hair Oil:

A common mistake we make is going out in the open after oiling our hair. It causes more dust to settle in the head due to the oil; thus increasing dandruff. Hair should be oiled regularly but just a few hours before washing. That way it gets the required nourishment and also gets washed before being exposed to dust and dirt. Use a hair oil with natural ingredients like Bhringaraj, Neem, Amla, Heena, Rosemary, etc. which aid growth of hair and reduce problems like splits, dryess, dandruff etc.

Hair Growth Treatment:

Various hair growth treatments are available in the market; but choosing the right one is important. While choosing the hair growth treatment; try to choose a natural chemical free treatment. Products like hair thickener, hair food, hair vitalizer etc are all useful in hair growth treatment.

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