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Oiling your skin with the essential organic oils can be a very relaxing experience, if done properly. The first step towards taking care of your skin starts by identifying your skin type, because that helps you choose the product which suits your skin.

Selecting the right product

To select the product which is best for your skin, you need to have knowledge about your skin. It is best to consult your doctor or a skin specialist to know about that. Oils differ from skin to skin, and the last thing you want is to spoil your skin by using the wrong oil. Skin types can vary from dry, oily to sensitive. Thus, it is for your own good to have a doctor’s word about your skin type. Once you are done with the first step, keep the following instructions in mind

  • Do not trust strong-smelling oils

Try avoiding choosing oils by their odour. Usually, oils which have a beautiful fragrance tend to be a mixture of artificial chemicals which may result in degrading the quality of your skin instead of doing any good.

  • Note the allergies

As already mentioned above, different people have different skin types. Thus, using new oils may lead to allergies. Attend to these allergies as soon as you spot them.

  • Avoid changing oils

Unless recommend otherwise by a doctor or dermatologist, avoid switching or mixing two or more varieties of oil (especially in the case of bath oils). Your skin will fail to adapt to the change and it will harm your skin.

  • Prefer natural oils

When it comes to your skin, do not compromise, and always prefer natural and organic oils over synthetic ones. This cleanses your skin from inside and assures longevity of healthy skin.

When to apply these oils

Oiling your body is a time for you to relax. It is a stress buster, and must never be applied in a hurry. Bathing oils are applied in the process of having your bath. So, add 5-20 drops of this oil into your bath water, and enjoy a long, refreshing bath.

Other oils like carrier oils and massage oils work best when your mind is at a halt. Oiling your skin with these oils before sleeping can give you an amazing sleep.

Dos and don’ts

  • Make sure to remove all your accessories and jewelry before oiling.
  • Do not try to multitask with your laptop or phone while oiling, because it ruins the entire point of having a relaxed ‘me-time’.
  • Wear light and loose clothes. Avoid tights and synthetic materials.
Follow the above suggestions and get glowing and healthy skin within no time! Take care of your skin; it is part of who you are. For more organic products, click here.


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