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Acne also commonly called as pimples affects a huge number of people worldwide. The formation of acne can be very embarrassing and leads to loss of self-confidence of people in many cases, especially teens. Thus dispelling myths about acne and also treating acne is should be a priority. Acne should be put in the category of any other disease and be treated as such.

How does acne happen?

Our skin has tiny pores. These pores can get clogged by shedding of dead cells into them. Usually these dead cells rise and are washed away or shed off. But sometimes when they get mixed with sebum (natural facial oil) they tend to get sticky and completely clog the pore. This builds up and acts as the perfect environment for the growth of some facial bacteria. The rapid proliferation of these bacteria tend to cause inflammation and reddening. If it goes too deep they form acne bumps which we commonly call as pimples.

How to prevent acne?

  • Cleanse: The most important step in acne prevention is cleaning of your face. Use a good cleanser twice a day so as to wash away all the accumulated sebum and dirt.
  • Moisturize: Usually all the cleansers that we use tend to have active ingredients which dry the skin too much as they remove the sebum. Thus it becomes essential to moisturize the skin.
  • Exfoliate: It is necessary that you exfoliate your skin so that you remove the top layer of dead cells whose accumulation is responsible for acne. Do it as often as possible.
  • Anti-Acne Products: Use anti-acne products which are rich in active ingredients that help fight acne by controlling sebum production and also killing all the unwanted microbial buildup in our pores. Use it along with your cleanser and moisturizer.
  • Reduce Makeup: On days that you have an acne breakout or blemish formation it is advisable that you not use any foundation for your makeup as they tend to further block the pores and thereby aggravate the situation. Also avoid using products that are chemical in nature, or contain too much oils , and also dyes. They further damage acne affected skin.

  • Keep Your Hands Off Your Face: Your hand touches every place you go and therefore touching those hands on your skin is just adding fuel to the fire. As difficult as it is , resist the urge to touch your pimple or your face often. It helps!!
  • Meet the Doctor: If the situation is bad, then a visit to the doctor is appropriate. A regular dose of prescribed medication would go a long way in treating chronic acne.

So if you want acne free and blemish free skin try following these simple tips. You will see wonders. To view some of our anti-acne products you can click here .


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