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Acne is considered to be a common skin problem that affects the women folk more than men. The acne scars seem to have their onset on the skin right after a person gets a pimple or a boil. When these blisters break open, they leave behind some of the toxins and create a blemish on the face which generally consists of the dead skin cells. Apart from this, these small depressions on the face are also composed of oil.

It is a common belief that acne will go away on its own when we do not disturb it by treating it. The opinions of the dermatologists differ highly on this particular issue. They say that when the acne is left as such without any form of treatment, toxins start to accumulate in the area and in turn, can lead to other forms of disorders that can affect the skin and turn the healthy skin into something that is completely filled with blemishes. They suggest the use of natural products for acne removal which according to them is free from all the harmful chemicals that can further cause irritations to the skin.


Removing the acne scars

More and more people are slowly embracing the natural products for acne removal than their chemical counterparts as they feel that for prolonged use, the synthetic additives in the chemical products ruins the skin tone and their effect can start to persist as another form of disorder related to the skin.

The most important cause for the acne scars according to many people is the excessive oil on their face. Oily faces are prone to getting pimples and boils which in turn can result in acne scars. If it is not treated properly, these can completely ruin the look of the face when you have to go out to some party or a function. If this persists, depression starts to set in because of worrying too much about these scars which in turn can lead to a serious of chemical reactions in the body, leading to the accumulation of dead skin cells and as a result, acne scars. You can note that, everything is just a small cycle.

Acne removal products

Removing the acne scars can be done in the house by using some commonly available plants and products that can be seen in a regular household.


  • Tulsi and Neem leaves:

Tulsi and Neem are considered to be the most effective of plants for the treatment of acne scars. These two leaves have excellent anti-microbial activities which in turn help in destroying the microbes that can affect the skin. These two form the major component in almost all the skin care products. The alkaloids in these two leaves are effective in cleansing the skin and remove the toxins.

  • Aloe Vera plant

The extract that is obtained from this plant acts as an excellent treatment for the skin problems. This can be used by taking the gel-like substance that is found in the inner layer of the Aloe Vera plant and applying it directly on the scarred part of the skin and leave it for at least for half hour. This can be done twice a day.

  • Sea weed extract:

The extract from the sea weeds counteract the inflammatory reaction that causes the formation of the acne scars. It acts as an exfoliating agent to the skin and removes all the dead skin. It prevents the explosion of the accumulated oil on the skin which is generally present in the form of pimples on the skin.

  • Clove oil and Tea tree extract:

The two extracts, clove oil and tea tree extract, when mixed together can be used as an essential oil. These two extracts have very good disinfecting action on the skin and remove the harmful toxins. The phytochemicals that is present in these extracts are toxic to the bacteria that generally cause acne scars.

Acne scars do not have to be tolerated and can be removed by using the natural acne removal products. These products can be found on Joy by Nature, which are completely organic and prepared from natural extracts.


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