Stevia So Sweet - 50 Sachets

  • 0% calorie sweetener
  • 100% natural
  • Good for maintaining weight
  • No affect on sugar level

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Stevia So Sweet - 50 Sachets


Refined sugar is incredibly dangerous to your health. For this, people are always finding some healthy substitute. While many resort to artificial alternatives but they have a bitter aftertaste. So sweet stevia packets are an apt substitute to your white sugar sachets. It is a green leaf native to South America. The powder is free from calories and fats and can replace sugar in any products. It is immensely popular food because of health benefits and the plant is always bred for its saccharine flavor. Stevia powder is a better alternative to sugar made from pure stevia leaves. This product has gained immense attention by weight watchers, calorie cutters, diabetic people and people on low carb diet. It has a sweet aftertaste and is free from harmful chemicals. The box contains 50 sachets. 


Pure Stevia Leaves


  • Replacement of white sugar or artificial sweetener.
  • Beneficial for weight management since has no calories or carbs.
  • Can be consumed by diabetic patients.
  • May help prevent cavities, tooth decay, and mouth sores. It is tooth friendly.
  • Prevents digestive problems.
  • Prevents wrinkles, freckles and other age-related problems.
  • Can reduce blood pressure.
  • It is the purely herbal product, free from any chemicals.
  • Have little or no effect on your blood sugar levels.

How To Use

So Sweet Stevia Sachets are a hassle free may use stevia in several of your beverages and recipes. It is great in taste and is equivalent to 4 teaspoons of normal sugar. It can also be sprinkled on nuts, fruits or salad for the sweet hint or can even be added to lassi.

About Brand

So Sweet range of stevia products will surely cheer up millions of diabetics, weight watchers, calorie counters, people on low carb diet and fitness freaks throughout India. Herboveda India is the parent brand of so sweet. It believes in sweetening lives in a natural way and pioneered Stevia in India with an aim to make the zero calorie products a part of daily diet. It was started 7 years ago and has been educating people about the goodness of Stevia since its inception. It is the largest supplier of Stevia to beverage and food industry. So sweet is their brand stevia products in the form of tablets, spoonable, liquid and sachets. Grab a product of So sweet to sweeten your lives in a natural way.

Joyfully Free of

Harmful Chemicals

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