Nyassa Temple Mogra Showergel 145ml

  • It helps in fighting the fine lines
  • It helps in moisturizing the skin
  • It prevents any kind of blemishes on skin
  • It keeps the skin hydrated

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Nyassa Temple Mogra Showergel 145ml


The Nyassa Temple Mogra Shower gel is a blend of temple mogra and beetroot extracts. It has natural ingredients which help in refreshing the body, mind and soul. The shower gel is gentle on the skin and helps in protecting the skin and nourishing it. It also has active ingredient which provides hydration to the skin. The shower gel has natural moisturizing agents and keeps the skin free of blemishes and fine lines. It is free of SLS, SLES and paraben.


Mogra extracts and beetroot extracts


  • It has natural ingredients
  • All the ingredients are 100% veg
  • It helps in protecting the skin
  • It has active ingredients

How to Use

  • You can use this shower gel by taking a small amount of it on the loofah and start applying it on the wet body
  • Cleanse the body and then rinse it off with water

About Brand

Nyassa is one of India's most Luxurious brand of Fragrance & Natural Bath and Body Products. The Nyassa online products are naturally made without the use of harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients. The bodycare online products in India to buy online are all about offering the natural herbal blend with plant extracts that help maintain natural beauty.

Joyfully Free of

SLS, SLES, Paraben & Preservatives

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