M. V. H. Diabex - Diabetes Powder

  • It helps in providing relief from diabetes
  • It helps in improving digestion
  • It helps in clearing constipation
  • It helps in cleansing the body

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M. V. H. Diabex - Diabetes Powder


The M. V. H. Diabex powder is a diabetes powder which helps in giving relief from the diabetes. This is a herbal formula which contains herb which helps in producing the insulin and rejuvenating the pancreas. It also helps in the intake of the glucose from the blood streams. It helps in preventing the complications and helps in proper functioning of eyes, kidney and nerves. This powder helps in cleansing the body and also improves the digestion. It helps in increasing the resistance power to fight ailment. This is free of chemical and is very effective and causes no side effects.


Gymnema Sylvestre 15%. Eugenic Jambolana 15%. Momordica Charantia 10%. Aegle Marmelos 10%. Trigonella Foenumgraecum 10%. Cuminum Cyminum 10%. Nigella Sativa 10%. Sesomum Indicum 10%. Curculigo Orchioides Garrtn 10%.

How To Use

You can take 5gms with water and thrice a day.


  • It has a herbal formula
  • It helps in rejuvenating the pancreas
  • It increases the intake of glucose from blood streams

About Brand

Mahaved Healthcare, incepted in the year 2002, as a manufacturer and exporter of herbal diabetic medicine, kaamdeepak capsules, sex enhancement capsules, sex stimulant tablets, ayurveda medicines, herbal medicines, herbal beauty products, herbal spices, natural herbs, herbs powder and slimming medicine. THeir range of herbal products are marketed as Kaamdeepak, Karant, Love Bird, Mukti, Diaba Quit, M.V.H. Diabex, SlimFit, Livoctive, Orthonil, Maha Rasyan Vati, Coldine, N-Cid, Pilgon, Ento Destrol, Larzin, Zyme etc.

The company believe that consistent quality is the keyword to success. It maintain quality in each of our manufactured products and we use the pure and genuine raw materials to manufacture all our products. They are also engaged in providing various services and solutions related to Ayurveda.

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Disclaimer : This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Above information is for RMP only. All Claims are based on customer feedback and testimonials. Results may vary from individual to individual.

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