Joybynature Neem Wooden Fine Tooth Comb

  • 5.5 inch
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Arrests hair fall
  • Fights dandruff
  • Good for styling purpose

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Joybynature Neem Wooden Fine Tooth Comb


Joybynature Neem wood fine toothed comb is made from good quality neem wood. The fine toothed comb is handmade to ensure that the gaps between the teeth of the comb are minimal. This ensures its effectiveness in removing lice and also in helping as a hair styling comb.

Neem wood has been used in Ayurveda for its medicinal properties for over 4000 years. Neem bark is used extensively in treating malaria which is actually a parasitic infection. In addition, it is used in making medicines to treat ulcers, skin diseases and to relieve pain and reduce fever. There are multifaceted benefits to using neem bark in everyday life and that is why the Jobynature fine tooth comb is made with neem wood.

In todaymodern era, no one wants to spend any time in removing lice with combs and they are often looking for chemical solutions that would kill lice and prevent re-infestation. However, there could be a lot of side effects in using such products especially on tender skin such as those present in the scalp of children.

The best remedy is the traditional practise of combing with a neem comb since it is a natural repellent. It keeps insects, microbes and ticks at bay. The Joybynature neem wood fine toothed comb is the perfect match for a lice treatment ritual at home.

You could begin by applying mildly heated neem oil to the entire scalp and hair strands from root to tip and massaging for about fifteen minutes. Then use the Joybynature neem wood fine toothed comb to comb the scalp and hair well. Neem wood acts as an anti-feedant and egg-laying deterrent that makes lice unsettled and lets you easily comb them out without causing much damage to hair and scalp. In addition, neem wood has an inherent smell that is disliked by lice and insects which then stay away from your head with continued used of the Joybynature neem wood fine toothed comb.

Not just this, youngsters can use this as a styling comb. Its fine teeth have rounded edges and do not pull hair or make it rough. In fact, the Joybynature neem wood fine toothed comb has a soothing action on the scalp and hair when combed. Similarly, it is soft on the hair and allows it to be combed easily and allows it stay in a particular hair style as you desire.

Gone are the days of plastic combs that are actually harmful to your scalp since they pull at hair strands and are rough on the scalp. You no longer have to sit for hours and try removing lice from your head. Simply go for Joybynature neem wood fine toothed comb. Neem wood will get your job done and remove the necessity for you to take lice treatment again!



  • Unlike synthetic combs that become sticky and accumulate dirt after using with oil, the Joybynature neem wood fine toothed comb gets better when used with oil. Neem wood is porous and so it lets the oil reach the hair strands from root to tip as it combs and paves way for better oil penetration.
  • Also, Joybynature neem wood fine toothed comb has insect and lice repellent properties due to which it can be used to remove lice and prevent re-infestation.
  • Not just this, the neem wood in Joybynature neem wood fine toothed comb also helps to style limp or lesser hair pretty well without causing hair fall.
  • Stroking with the Joybynature neem wood fine toothed comb helps to promote hair growth and actually prevents hair fall in otherwise hair fall prone people.

Joybynature neem wood fine toothed comb can be used as a regular comb to comb hair and to style it. It is especially helpful in removing lice and preventing reinfestation.
Apply enough neem oil of coconut oil to the scalp and hair and comb well with Joybynature neem wood fine toothed comb by pressing against the scalp and hair. This helps to remove lice from hair and keep it clean.

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